Construction Industry

Australia’s Construction Industry Sector

Construction sector is an important factor of the overall Australian economy. However, being closely related to the mining construction sector, an increase in construction industry projects heavily depends on the resources. And since the mining industry has reached its peak and total activity is predicted to decline, so will the construction sector weaken in 2014 and 2015.

This however will not affect the construction equipment sector as contractors, small and large businesses and industry leaders, all know the importance of quality construction equipment for increased productivity. Therefore, even though number of construction projects will decline for more than 3.5% in 2014, total construction work will remain high due to long-dated contracts. Thus, the total value of construction equipment is forecast to rise and continue this trend in 2015 as well.

Taking risks is part of business. What's important is to know when to take certain risks and how to reduce them to ensure satisfactory results. Thus, understanding and being in tune with construction sector news, trends and forecasts will help you make better business decision. We are here to inform you of the latest happenings in the construction industry, including information on construction equipment – available models on the market, safety tips and operating guidelines.

Below are latest news, tips and guidelines on construction equipment.

commercial vinyl flooring planks tile

The Different Types of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

When looking for commercial flooring, the desired qualities are durability, ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, versatility, ease of maintenance, suitability for your specific application, and cost-effectiveness. You can find all these features in commercial vinyl flooring, which makes it one of the most practical flooring solutions nowadays.

The Suggested Types Of Mobile Cranes

When it comes to lifting equipment, there are two main groups of cranes: fixed and mobile cranes. Both categories can be divided further into many other sub-categories. The mobile cranes are popular lifting machines, because they deliver more benefits and advantages than the fixed cranes. The most commonly uses mobile cranes are the following ones:… continue reading →

The Suggested Telehandler Attachments That Boost Productivity

Each business is all about productivity and efficiency, and by having a versatile machine as the telehandler is, you can achieve optimum performance at very likable operating costs. Forklift by appearance, crane by working principle, a telehandler (telescopic handler) is an ideal piece of equipment for the construction and agricultural industry. The telehandler has an… continue reading →

The Suggested Tractor Attachments

The tractors for years have been used only for large-scale farming, but today the tractor manufacturers design and produce a variety of tractor attachments and tractor implements, making the tractors extremely versatile machines. When equipped with different tractor attachments, these machines are capable to complete a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. The farmers and… continue reading →

The Suggested Excavator Attachments For Any Application

The excavator is described as versatile and flexible machine that can be used for a variety of applications in different industry sectors The versatility comes from the different excavator attachments. When equipped with different attachments, the excavator can do a lot of things not just the traditional digging task. Most excavators feature a quick-attach system,… continue reading →

The Suggested Types of Back Hoe Attachments

The back hoe loaders are described as heavy-duty machines, capable to perform multiple tasks on a single job site. The back hoe loader is the favorite tool for those involved in the construction industry, since it can be equipped and used with various back hoe attachments for increased versatility and flexibility. With so many back… continue reading →

The Suggested Safety Tips For Working With Forklifts

Despite the compact size, the forklift can be a dangerous machine and can cause serious injuries if not operated properly. Forklifts are compact and maneuverable, meaning that they can be used for lifting, stacking and transporting different kinds of loads. The forklift is one of the most commonly used machines in warehouses and they can… continue reading →

The Suggested Forklift Attachments

The forklift is described as extremely efficient machine which is used for lifting and moving different kinds of materials. This machine is used in many industry sectors, like warehouses, production facilities, construction etc. There are different types of forklifts on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufacturers like Toyota and Crown. The manufacturers also… continue reading →