The Suggested Excavator Attachments For Any Application


The excavator is described as versatile and flexible machine that can be used for a variety of applications in different industry sectors The versatility comes from the different excavator attachments. When equipped with different attachments, the excavator can do a lot of things not just the traditional digging task. Most excavators feature a quick-attach system, which allows quick and easy replacement of the excavator attachments. This way, you can significantly maximize your productivity on the job site, regardless of the application. With a wide range of different excavator attachments, it is clear that the excavator is a machine suitable for many applications. Here are few applications where the excavators deliver great results.

Construction Applications – The excavators can be seen on every construction site, and are used for digging materials directly from the ground. However, for specific construction applications, special excavator attachments are being used:

  • Bucket For Digging – The bucket is one of the most popular excavator attachments, as most construction applications include digging operation. But the bucket is available in many different sizes, configurations and capacities. When choosing a bucket, you need to pay attention on matching the bucket capacity with your application.
  • Plate Compactor – The construction tasks that include creating trenches for power or water lines, require a compactor. But if you have a excavator, there is no need for compactor, since there is a specifically designed excavator attachment for that purpose, and that’s the plate compactor. The plate compactor is fast and efficient attachment that turns your excavator into a powerful compactor.

Landscaping Applications – For every landscaping application, there is a specific excavator attachment that can turn your excavator into the landscaping machine you need. When your work requires digging, leveling, grading and moving rocks, there are efficient excavator attachments with which you can complete your work without using or buying other expensive machines.

  • Clamshell Bucket – The clamshell bucket is different than the standard bucket, as it includes two buckets that form a claw. It is known for having greater capacity and flexibility, so it can handle many different types of materials.
  • Tilt Bucket – The tilt bucket is a type of grading bucket that can be tilted to all four sides thanks to its hydraulic cylinder. This excavator attachment saves you time and increases the efficiency by tilting the bucket instead of moving the entire machine.

Demolition Applications – There also excavator attachments that can be used for demolition works. Regardless of the demolition application, the demolition excavator attachments can save you a lot of money and enable you to complete your job efficiently.

  • Hydraulic Breaker – You can attach a hydraulic breaker on your excavator for breaking concrete or asphalt. The hydraulic breaker is the perfect attachment for completing various demolition jobs.
  • Rotary Grinder – Another excavator attachment that can be used for demolition works is the rotary grinder. This attachment is used for accurate grinding jobs. Whether for a complete or partial demolition, the rotary grinder provides you with accurate breaking/grinding.
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