Construction Costs Calculator to Suggest: Construction Master 5 is the Best

Serious building professionals need serious calculations. And serious calculations require devices built for the estimation minus the frustration! The construction cost calculator of the hour, designed to ease the life of the busy, inspired and stressed, his math highness – Construction Master 5 is in the spotlight today.

Comprising features that satisfy even the biggest of overreachers, this tool is the ideal time, money and peace of mind saver, offering sleek and easy way of use, utmost accuracy and instant appearance of the solutions. By opting to rely on this calculator, you will reduce the risk of costly errors and increase the functionality on the filed or in the office. Plans and layouts will be given a whole new, much more doable dimension. If you are a builder, trade-person, architect, engineer or contractor – this is your perfect calculator!



When it comes to Area, Linear and Volume solutions, it offers convert dimension and it includes the Metric, as for the stair solutions, Treads, Risers, Incline and Stringer are being held on the line pf options. The Framing, Roof and Rafter solutions come with the option of Automatic Square-ups.

These calculators include built-in functions that can solve a whole variety of calculations very efficiently and fast. Normally, volume, area and linear calculation are an integral part of the calculation options. Should the language variety be a necessity, these calculators offer user guides in English and Spanish and they are written in a very factual and up-to-the-point manner.

Calculations can be done in feet, inches, decimals or fractions. The battery is included in the kit itself, coming with the option for automatic shutoff that continually save the life of the battery. It can perform both lumber estimating and standard math calculations and fractional settings are available on the ser preference custom setting.

You can use the Construction Master 5 calculator for arc, column, pillar, cone, circle, area, volume and post-hole calculations. Due to the paperless tape, you can review your last 20 entries if you need to double-check the totals of the calculation. Your recently entered values can be altered by clicking backspace.

The Construction Master 5 is a construction cost calculator that also determines the measures for regular and irregular hips, jacks, valleys, on-center spacing and common rafters. Solving weight per volume, pricing and costing is also what you get with this device.

If you are in need of a versatile, affordable, all-inclusive, quick a and efficient calculator, this one is your best bet. Before making a purchase, read the specifications to make sure that you’re getting one that includes options which justify the investment.


Aiden Jones

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