Swim Spas: A Convenient Solution for Relaxation and Healing

Would you like to have a nice place where you can relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day at the office? If the answer is yes, getting a swim spa is a great solution. It’s basically a combination of a pool and a hot tub. It has the best of both worlds. Plus, you can enjoy the all year round thanks to its temperature control and state-of-the-art technology.

What’s a Swim Spa?

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A swim spa is essentially a huge hot tub that you can swim in. This multipurpose pool features a built-in countercurrent that allows for constant swimming as well as hot tub features. The countercurrent is built in on one side and you can swim against the water’s flow (like walking on a treadmill at the gym). You can adjust the flow rate as you want and make yourself as comfortable as possible. 

At the other end of the pool, there are features like massage jets that help you relax while sitting. The swim spa works as a hot tub. It has all the features a hot tub has, and the built-in technical equipment is self-contained inside the unit. In size, it’s similar to a regular spa, with depth being the only difference. Swim spas can reach a depth of 1.5m and a length of up to 8m.

Types of Swim Spas

Paddle Wheel

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Before going out and spending money on a hydrotherapeutic and revitalising spa Australia stores offer, you should know that there are a few different types of spas. They can vary in some details and have different features that will fit you differently. Paddle-wheel swim spas have a unique structure. They use a big spinning paddlewheel to create the current you’re swimming in.

Propulsion Models

Propulsion spas use a different method to move the water. They have a propeller that can generate up to 19,000l of water each minute. This powerful machine is made of high-quality materials to withstand so much pressure and work. Depending on the manufacturer the water generation can change, and the performance can be different.

Jetted Options

Jetted spas have a motor and a pump that work together to push the water through and create the current. The number of jets can vary from 2 up to 8 depending on the tub’s size and manufacturer. In most cases, they have a two-speed pump that handles the flow rate. Plus, they often have accessories such as swim mirrors and music systems.

How Does It Work

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Isn’t it amazing how a person can use the swim spa for swimming? But how exactly do they do this? It’s all managed thanks to the built-in current system. This setup will use a propeller or jet pump from the front of the swim spa to continually push the current while the person swims with it

Just like a regular hot tub, the water comes inside through some filtration and suction inlets. However, swim spas use a bit of advanced technology which has a quicker flow rate that’s able to bring in a lot more water in one minute. When the water is pushed out, it goes through an exhaust grate to make sure that the current is steady and even.

Swim Spas Sizes

Just like pools and hot tubs, swim spas come in different sizes. They can be anywhere from 3 to 8m long, 1-3m wide and 1-1.5m deep. No one wants to swim in a cramped area. You should be able to fully stretch your arms and legs while swimming and not touch any obstacles along the way.

They’re big enough so you can do different activities. Depending on the size you choose, you can install the spa in different locations, garden, backyard, patio, inside and even on rooftops. Just make sure you measure out the space well and check the size charts of the manufacturers. Leave enough room around the swim spa for walking and climbing in and out of it. Remove obstacles and keep the area clean of debris.

How to Clean and Maintain It

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Just like anything else in your home, the swim spa requires some cleaning and maintenance so it can last for a long time. Don’t worry, doing some maintenance isn’t a difficult job. Remember that the level of maintenance you’ll need to give depends on the initial investment in your spa.

If you invest more in it, and it has high-quality filtration systems. They’re more reliable and won’t require as much upkeep. Cheaper spas, on the other hand, won’t have filters of the highest quality and the features and functions will need to be maintained monthly or even weekly for some models.

The cleanliness level depends mostly on you and your habits. A simple habit of not putting sunscreen or oil on just before you enter the swim spa can reduce the cleaning needs. If you feel you can’t do the cleaning and maintenance on your own, you can always hire professionals to do it. They can clean every spa in Australia because they have the knowledge and resources to do so.

Who Can Use It

The swimming spa is something that anyone can use. It’s an ideal investment for any home and family. It’s great for people who are looking for regular exercise. They will have a wide range of workouts to do at different levels. Professional athletes and gym enthusiasts can also enjoy it. They can train their endurance and maintain their swimming skills.

This spa is also suitable for senior people and people with mobility issues and injuries. They’ll become more buoyant in the water and will be able to perform more exercises without straining their bodies. And of course, swim spas are made for relaxing and enjoying your free time.

Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

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Owning this spa can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. They provide great cardiovascular exercises and will improve heart health and your lung capacity. Of course, the resistance you go through will improve your muscle tone and flexibility. You’ll get stronger and have a better range of motion.

Being active every day will also help with your weight management. You’ll be able to maintain a certain weight or even lose it if you’re working out properly. Swimming in a spa can also be good for post-surgery rehabilitation. It’s a safe space where you can be on your own and focus on your needs.

Of course, there are benefits for your mental health as well. Hydrotherapy and doing some water-based activities reduce stress and anxiety levels and have a very calming effect on your mind. This leads to better sleep quality which results in much better overall health and well-being.

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