The Suggested Telehandler Attachments That Boost Productivity

Each business is all about productivity and efficiency, and by having a versatile machine as the telehandler is, you can achieve optimum performance at very likable operating costs. Forklift by appearance, crane by working principle, a telehandler (telescopic handler) is an ideal piece of equipment for the construction and agricultural industry. The telehandler has an incredible versatility and regardless in what sector you are involved, construction, industrial, agriculture or landscaping, the telescopic with the right range of telehandler attachments can boost your productivity and save time and money. Enhance the versatility and performance of your telehandler with quality telehandler attachments and be able to get any job done on time and in the most efficient way. Here are the suggested telehandler attachments that can boost your productivity for a significant extent.


Standard Carriage – Standard carriage is the most common attachment on job sites and is available in many different sizes to suit each application. You can adjust the standard carriage from side to side in the best way and pick and place materials. This attachment is ideal for you, especially if you are moving jersey barriers around a building project, moving pallets around a job site, lifting insulation to an office building roof or setting tiles and grout in a yard.

Work Platform – The work platform is one of the most essential telehandler attachments, as it provides the operators with many options. It is also known as personnel platform, because it accommodates your or few workers and extends in height to provide you an efficient, safe and quick access to hard-accessible job sites. There are many different types of work platforms and they differ in maximum lifting height. But not only people, the work platform can accommodate all kinds of materials and equipment, which means it is suitable to a variety of applications.

Forks – Fork attachment provides an additional support to the telehandler for lifting long or large objects, depending which type of fork attachment you are using. The pallet fork is especially designed to handle heavy pallets, while the lumber fork is much wider, provides a more stable surface when operating and is ideal for separating stacks of lumber.

Utility Bucket – Utility bucket is one of the most commonly used telehandler attachments, as it is the most efficient one for loading, carrying and scooping loose materials around a job site. The utility bucket can be used for many different applications, such as cleaning loose debris from a job site, transporting mulch to work areas or carrying loose gravel for construction processes. Usually, it is the last attachment working on a project.

Auger – The auger attachments boosts the productivity and versatility of your telehandler. It can be used for in-air applications, but it can also inflict some damage to the ground. You can choose an auger with size that fits best your application. The most common applications of auger attachment are digging holes and drilling post holes.

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