The Suggested Flooring Solutions for Kids Bedroom

When it comes to floors in your kids bedroom, you would want something that’s not only fun and creative, but also durable and slip resistant, to avoid all those clumsy falls. Maybe you are in love with the modern floor tiles or traditional hardwood planks, but let’s face it, kids don’t want their room to look like a museum. Instead, choose cork, vinyl, and carpet tile designs that will awake the creativity in you and your kid.

Floors in your kids room should be durable and bright in colour, to keep your kids spirit up and make the room visually bigger. If you choose kids vinyl flooring, then be prepared to face a wide selection of super fun kids floor designs. Check the floor options in the kids bedroom and choose the best one for your kid.

Kids Vinyl Flooring

Carpeting – The first flooring option that usually comes to mind is wall to wall carpeting. It’s one of the most common flooring choice for kids bedrooms, but not as safe as you think. We can’t deny the fact that it’s soft and plush, but it’s a magnet for dirt and dust. Kids are quite messy and carpets are quite difficult to clean. Carpets oppose to vinyl, are more demanding when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. If spills are not treated right away, you will end up with stubborn stains and mold issues.

Cork Flooring For Kids Bedroom – Unlike carpets, cork floors are anti bacterial. The material these floors are made of will naturally repel the growth of micro organisms. It is a safer flooring solution for your kids and requires less maintenance than wall to wall carpets. The downside of this flooring solution is the fact that it can be damaged quite easy. Unlike kids vinyl flooring, the surface of the cork floors can be easily scratched, if kids play with toys or pets run with untrimmed nails.

Vinyl Flooring For Kids Bedroom – One of the latest and popular flooring trends in the last few years is vinyl flooring. It’s the most durable and spill resistant floor, ideal not just for kids bedroom but also for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Due to its soft and cushy surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained, this flooring solution is your best option.

Kids vinyl flooring is anti static as well. Kids can run without causing static electricity that gives unpleasant feeling. Plus, you can choose from the wide array of designs that will inspire your imagination. Unlike hardwood, kids vinyl flooring is far more cheaper and last longer. Kids rooms are prone to spills and scratches, but with vinyl flooring you will not have to face that problem.

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