The Suggested Safety Tips For Working With Forklifts

Despite the compact size, the forklift can be a dangerous machine and can cause serious injuries if not operated properly. Forklifts are compact and maneuverable, meaning that they can be used for lifting, stacking and transporting different kinds of loads. The forklift is one of the most commonly used machines in warehouses and they can be easily operated by every worker. Although it can be easily operated, the contractors usually underestimate the forklifts and allow all workers in the warehouses to use the forklifts with different forklift attachments. However, the contractors and the supervisors are those who need to specify who will be working with these compact but dangerous machines. The number of forklift accidents is pretty high in Australia, but these accidents can be prevented. Here are some useful tips for safe working with forklifts and forklift attachments.




  • Before each use, the forklift operators need to make sure that the working area is safe for operation. This can be achieved by implementing safe working systems and ensuring that all workers have been properly trained.
  • Because the brakes of the forklifts are less reactive, the contractors need to place speed limit signs all over the workplace which can be easily seen by the forklift operators. Today, the range of forklift attachments include speed limit devices, which ensure that all speed limits will be observed.
  • The forklift operators must be properly trained and need to have a license for forklift operation. Also, they need to be competent to operate a forklift, with or without forklift attachments.
  • For increased safety, the operators need to ensure that the parking brake is set when they leave the cabin of the forklift.
  • To prevent accidents when using the forks, the slip of the forklift attachments needs to be secured. The loads should never be sling from the forks, because of the huge risk of sliding off the forks. There are specific forklift attachments for carrying slipping loads.
  • Before lifting a load, the forklift operators must be sure that the size, shape and weight of the load is meeting the capacities of the forklift they use. Loads can be lifted, carried and stored only when the stability is secured.
  • Forklift operators must use only appropriate equipment for lifting and transferring loads. This means using specifically designed forklift attachments when the forks alone are not suitable. The forklift attachments can be used only if they are designed and produced by the forklift manufacturer.
Aiden Jones

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