Viva la Pizza: 5 Types of Commercial Pizza Oven

If you are an owner of a pizza restaurant, or you consider opening one, you need to supply yourself with the right equipment for making this delicious, widely adored meal. Besides, knowing how to make the perfect dough, you need to provide the perfect menu, the best pizza sheeter, and the appropriate type of oven for baking. Although each one of these is equally important, the pizza oven takes a special place that determines the taste and quality.

If you are on the market looking to buy a reliable oven, you should have in mind there’s a wide variety of designs available. Each one of these is made to fit different space requirements, cooking styles, and types of pizza. To help you choose the right oven for your needs, I am going to give you a detailed description of the five most common types on the market.

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What are The Different Types of Pizza Ovens?

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Wood-fired ovens, also known by the name brick pizza ovens, make some of the most irresistible and authentic pizzas. This is one of the best commercial oven designs that makes a perfect fit for pizzerias with attractive patio spaces. They’re designed to bake the dough slowly and evenly and are heated by wood as the main source of fuel.

The burning wood imbues the pizza with a smokey flavour which makes it even more distinctive. Many pizza stores Australia-wide offer an extensive range of commercial ovens, including wood-fired designs. if you’re looking to buy pizza oven online make sure you carefully read through the specifications, including the dimensions of the cooking chambers and exterior dimensions so you can rest assured the option you choose will be the perfect match for the requirements and decor of your space.

They’re of great use in outdoor places and they come equipped with interior light and a convection fan. Besides these features, they are extremely practical and efficient. The preheating takes about 45 minutes and they’re able to maintain their heat for 1 1/2 hours while consuming five times less wood than a traditional brick oven.

Some of these designs come equipped with two racks for multifunction cooking. This style is mostly sought by pizza enthusiasts and restaurant pizza owners who try to mimic the original taste and look of the Italian pizza which many try to replicate. The wooden fired type of oven is best suited for baking some of the favourite flavours of pizzas such as California-Style, New York, Neapolitan, Chicago, and Sicilian.

Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Instead of wood, you can also use another type of fuel for baking your pizzas. Gas-fired ovens, as their name suggest, make use of gas to light fire inside the oven. These ovens make a much cleaner way to bake your pizza, as you wouldn’t need to take care of disposing of all the ash and the other remains that come after you’re finished baking.

Gas Fired Pizza Oven

However, not all gas-fired ovens are designed to reach the heat peak that some of the wood-fired alternatives can maintain. However, they are very easy to operate as all you need to do is turn on the gas and wait about 15 minutes for the oven to reach the required temperature.

Moreover, they don’t weigh much as some smaller-sized gas ovens can be trolleyed in and out of your area with ease. If convenience and simplicity is what you’re looking for, you may choose to invest in such models as they are easy to maintain and offer a much simpler and cleaner way to bake your favourite pizza. Same as with the brick design, you can buy pizza oven online or visit a regular local store that provides a wide range of equipment for pizzerias.

Conveyor Pizza Oven

Besides these two designs I’ve just mentioned, conveyor ovens are another widely used option. This type allows for large quantities of pizza to be baked at the same time which makes it great for busy places such as restaurants, canteens or residential care homes.

It works on the principle of placing the frozen pizza dough on the conveyor belt, which then automatically pulls the pizza through the cooking chamber at a set speed. After the baking is finished, the conveyor belt moves the finished pizza to a cooling platform where you can remove and serve it.

There are two types of conveyor pizza ovens on the market, including the full-sized freestanding unit and the countertop industrial unit. The full-sized makes use of a forced-air heating chamber, while the countertop oven uses the radiant heat of the convection cooking chamber.

Both of them are automated, which means they don’t require supervision on your part. These ovens provide fast service which is very important in pizzerias and other places where prompt service for the guests is of primary importance for the good reputation of the business.

Convection Pizza Oven

The convection oven makes use of electric energy as the main source of fuel. It performs a variety of cooking techniques as it’s preprogrammed with various settings, including a super convection function that maximizes airflow to ensure crispy air-fried dishes.

Convection Pizza Oven

Such ovens bake the pizza evenly, due to the fan inside that circulates hot air around the interior of the oven. This feature enables the pizza to be evenly baked both in the centre and at the edges of the crust.

The convection model isn’t among the cheapest, though. If you still plan to invest in it, you need to be aware that regular cleaning can help you spend less on replacement parts or repair costs in case of damage. These professional designs cost more than 9000$ which isn’t something everyone can afford. 

Countertop Pizza Oven

Speaking of price, the countertop models, which are the last on the list in today’s article, are the cheapest of all. The countertop oven is perfect for small kitchens, and for people who want to bake their own pizza at home. The main advantage of these models is that they are small and don’t take up much space as the other counterparts, such as the convection and conveyor type.

Most of these are electric, which means you can install them anywhere where there is an electrical outlet available. Although they’re best suitable for home use, they can make an equally valuable asset in small businesses that will benefit from these compact designs, which offer money and space savings and provide great quality for the price.

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