Pizza Sheeter – The Suggested Piece of Equipment to Improve Your Business

If you are an owner of a pizza place that has recently become popular, then you might have witnessed a time when it was particularly hard to keep up with the high demand. Slow afternoons followed by extremely busy nights make it hard to predict when to schedule an extra pizza chef. And you are probably aware of the importance of providing timely customer service and meeting demands. However, you also shouldn’t compromise the quality of your menu items so as to be able to serve a higher amount of pizzas by the hour.

Produce Standardized Dough

So, what can you do about it? And how can you improve the situation? Well, one interesting solution would be to invest in a quality pizza sheeter. A pizza sheeter, also called a dough sheeter, is a machine that makes standardized dough sheets. Your baker makes the pizza dough, then puts it in the machine. The machine compresses the dough and the pizza sheets come out on a conveyor belt. Sounds simple, right? And it is. Here are the many ways that this piece of equipment can improve your business.

It Can Improve Production Time

This is what all restaurant owners and managers strive for – serving tasty and delicious food before your customers lose their appetites. Having a fully booked restaurant is great, and it is even greater when everyone is helped on time. Though people come in for the appetizing food, they will leave if they have to wait an hour for it. Or if they know that they will have to wait an hour to be served they might not come back when they just want to grab a quick bite. And this is where the pastry sheeter comes helpful. If your restaurant gets unexpectedly crowded and your employees can’t keep up with demand, they can just turn on the dough sheeter. And voila! Everyone gets to eat on time.

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Help Schedule the Right Number of Employees on a Shift

Of course, one of the costs of running a business is paying your employees. And if your budget is tight, you don’t want to schedule too many people working on a slow night. But running a skeleton crew in a busy pizza place is even worse. Orders will get delayed and chances are the chefs will be more stressed and in a hurry to get everything done right and on time. And we all know that it is in such cases when people make more mistakes, so this may affect the quality of the food. Not to mention that the pressure of completing orders on time and serve out delicious food is not limited in the kitchen only. Waiters, busboys, dishwashers…everyone will be forced to work in a tense environment. And customers can tell if your employees are not in their best mood as they like to be greeted in a cheerful way. By investing in a pizza sheeter, you are also investing in the satisfaction of your employees. They will be able to serve every customer that walks through the door in a timely manner. This way, the stress of managing all orders will be minimized and you will have a more relaxed work environment.

Produce Standardized Dough

Hand-tossed pizza is awesome; however, it is easier to make mistakes when something is done by hand. Sometimes the batch of dough may not turn out right, other times the sheets may be too thick or too thin. With a pizza roller machine, the sheets will be the exact same size every time. Every sheet that comes out on the conveyor belt has the same thickness as the previous and the next one. The thick dough won’t be undercooked and the thin dough won’t be overcooked. With a standard thickness, you will also have standard baking time.

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This will also reduce some added manufacturing costs. When a mistake is made, whether it is during the process of making the dough batch, tossing the dough or baking the pizza, you are wasting resources. For example, the new chef you are training might drop the dough or he might mix up the measurements and make a bigger batch than needed. Standard batches and sheets mean that you are not wasting dough, so you will be able to calculate your monthly costs more accurately.

Helps Expand Your Business

It is quite simple – by reducing production time you will be able to take on more orders. Word of mouth and good reviews go a long way in helping you expand your business. If your restaurant is able to take on bigger orders, you will be asked to deliver pizzas for bigger parties or businesses. Spontaneous customers will be glad that they won’t need to call ahead for large orders. Your pizza place would manage to make a higher number of pizzas and provide express delivery. A dough sheeter can also help you expand your menu. You can use it to create all kinds of dough, such as flatbreads and pasta. The machine can also be used in bakeries to make puff pastry and other pastry dough, even fondant, and sugar dough.

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