The Suggested Ways to Decorate your Wedding Reception the Rustic/Vintage Way

When it comes to finding some breathtaking wedding décor inspirations, Pinterest is definitely a goldmine, especially when it comes to vintage and rustic décor. But do not let these glamorous setups fool you about the price. Nowadays, everybody has the chance to have the wedding of their dreams, only if you take into account some of the most important things. Aside from choosing the right rustic/vintage décor pieces, choosing a store that can provide you with the needed things all at once and in bulk is a smart move in the right direction. That way, you can save a lot while not compromising the style nor the overall wedding décor arrangement. Now, when it comes to creating rustic and vintage wedding reception decor, there are a few ideas that work quite well every time.

wedding ceiling drapes

Drape that Ceiling

Regardless of whether the chosen restaurant has exposed wood ceiling or not, white drapes can give your wedding a touch of elegance and luxury. By adding drapes on the ceiling, you can go the table décor while still not compromising the space’s overall style.

wedding hang lights

Hang Lights

Without a doubt, lights have the power to truly transform a place, especially when combined with drapes. Both of these ideas can add romance and coziness to the place, ideal for such a huge event. In case you are considering outdoor wedding reception, except for hanging cafe string lights over the tables, you can wrap some around trees or between benches. Laying them down over every table is also a great idea that can be used both for an indoor and outdoor wedding reception.

wedding candle holders

Play with Wedding Candle Holders

Candles holders essential for completing your wedding decor scheme. Nowadays, you can choose from an excellent assortment of wedding candle holders that you can put not only at the dining wedding tables, but also on the cocktail and gift tables. To make things even more romantic and glamorous, you can also add lots of different sized glass candle holders around the head wedding table. No matter the types of candles holders are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to choose the right ones for your needs.

Mesmerizing votive candle holders, sandglass holders, wooden antique holders, pentagon-shaped geometric holders, metal vintage candelabra candlestick holders and mercury glass holders are some of the many you can choose from. For a classic or rustic garden-inspired ambiance, you can choose lantern-style candle holders, geometric cages or antiqued glass candles holders. There really are lots of ideas on how to use candles and holders in order to create a magical and romantic ambiance. As a bonus, candles can not only add a dash of romance, glamour and style to your wedding, but they can also help you create amazing and breathtaking photos.

fancy escord card display

Create a Fancy Escort Card Display

If you still haven’t decided on the number of tables and their arrangement, instead of writing down the table number at the wedding invitation, you can create a fancy escort card display. You can set a chalkboard and hang the cards on it or pin them over a wooden board that is adorned with lots of greenery and flowers. No matter the type and style of board you choose, make sure you place it near the entrance.

table lamp wedding

Use Table Lamps

If ambient light is something that attracts you, then you can highlight the décor on the tables by placing table lamps on every table. To make things even more romantic and stylish, you can surround the lamps with flowers and greenery which would be also a great way to hide the lamps’ cords.

wedding table runner

Use Table Runner that Pops

Without a doubt, rustic and vintage weddings are all about lace, jute and burlap materials. Rather than going for some huge floral centerpieces, you can space them out in jars as to make the burlap table runner stand out. Although you can place the flowers in transparent jars, you can make them pop even more by wrapping a small piece of lace burlap material on the center.

wedding sweet table

Have a Sweet Table

Except for treating your guests with a wedding cake, wedding planners advice adding a sweet table. These tables are just another way to help you show off your creativity through the décor. Candles, greenery, flowers, and some fancy candy toppers are some of the things you can add on this table to make it look even more appealing than it already is. It’s a fact that hardly anyone can resist sweets and along with some cute and appealing décor, you can make them even more attractive to the human eye.

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