Gear Aid: The Suggested Ally for Any Outdoor Enthusiast

When you’re out and about, exploring what the wilderness has to offer, trying to get some one on one time with nature away from the city hustle and bustle, you need to rely on the adequate gear designed to back you up through the harsh conditions. No matter whether it’s harsh wind, unpredictable bad rain, or even the scorching sun, the equipment should be created to protect you, keep you safe and dry, provide the needed breathability, and weatherproofing.

Man dressed in red jacket with green hat walking on mountain with a lot of gears in a silver big bag and some gears wearing in his hand.

As such, it’s not surprising that quality outdoor gear tends to be on the pricier side of things. The valuable investment it is, you buy it with the intent it would last you for years and years, so you don’t expect to go through some punches, holes, or mishaps that soon. And yet, given the harsh conditions it’s exposed to time and time again, it’s only natural for something to start giving signs of wear and tear.

You don’t have the money to invest yet again in something that pricey, but you also don’t want that to put an end to your outdoor adventure. What are you left to do? Count on the help of a trusted helper and outdoor companion – the reliable Gear Aid brand known for the incredible gear repair solutions.

Whatever the repair may be, could be a mere clean-up, a patch-up, or a seal, this company has it all for you, so you can add more life to your equipment, make the most of the trips in the wilderness, and cut down the waste at that. Work hard, play hard, and turn into an expert DIYer in fixing things with this brand. Wonder how? Some of the following products are some of our suggestions for your next trip.

Give Your Gear a Thorough Clean-Up

a lot of gears and gear aid that are needed for outdoor activities

Every experienced outdoor enthusiast is well aware of the importance of cleaning and maintaining the gear before and after the use and storage as they’re crucial steps for prolonging the lifespan and service of each of the pieces. This includes the clothes as much as the hiking, climbing, camping equipment and accessories, and Gear Aid went to great lengths to make this part of the outdoor fun more fun and less chore for you with the specialised cleaners.

Depending on what it is you need to freshen up, they have just the solution. Take the Revivex Pro Cleaner as an example: it’s the perfect way to wash and clean technical jackets and pants, as it is to refresh tents and sleeping bags. With a gentle formulation fit for use with the specific GORE-TEX products, it can be effective and gentle with synthetic insulation and synthetic fabrics.

Unlike your regular laundry detergent, this one won’t give you a headache when it comes to preserving the water repellence of the items. What’s more, you can boost this layer with another of the brand’s stellar products – the Revivex Durable Water Repellent Spray. Back to the cleaner, you’re also going to love it for the fragrance-free formula, as it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients in the likes of fragrances and softeners, so it’s good for the gear and yourself.

The concentration makes it economical as you only need a little bit of the product to do the washup, which doesn’t leave any residue by the way. In addition to being multipurpose, and even fit for use with mid-layer pieces, such as fleece, and soft-shell garments besides the outerwear, it’s just as great for maximising the breathability of each of the clothes.

Simply said, it’s the perfect solution for keeping you safe and dry. And, what happens when you want to clean footwear as thorough as your gloves, skiwear, rainwear, and waterproof garments? That’s where the Gearaid Revivex Boot and Shoe Cleaner steps in. While it’s powerful in removing the most stubborn of stains, it does maximise the breathability and reduces the wear of your footwear so you can keep boots and shoes looking good as new for longer. It’s safe for use with a range of materials, such as leather, suede, canvas and nubuck.

The brand also has your back if you want to remove some unbearable odour that’s been around for quite a while due to poor hygiene of your gear, whether it’s your older footwear or a bag you haven’t used lately. Unpleasant aromas, pet odour, and even mould odour is no match for the MiraZyme. Want to take care of a zipper that needs a refreshment? That’s where you can use the help of their Zip Care Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant. No more jamming due to dirt, moisture, sand, or debris.

Get a Quick Patch On the Go

A woman wearing teal blue jacket taped on her arm with gear aid tape.

What could be worse than noticing a tear on some of your prized gear bits when you’re out and you have no needles and threads around? You carry one of the many Gear Aid repair tapes with you! Whether it’s the tenacious tape product, or one of the flex patches, they have many great options that offer a quick and easy peel and stick repair.

No matter if you got a hole in the outerwear, sleeping bag or pad, tent, waders, or backpack, these tapes are designed to stick to any piece of fabric you need, be it neoprene, rubber, canvas, polyester, nylon, vinyl or plastic surfaces. Available in a range of colours, including reflective, as well as a range of sizes, they’re just as easy to remove and reposition should the case call for it.

In short, they’re worth the hype and investment. And, in case you need something even stronger and more resistant than the tenacious tape, you can choose from one of the flex patches that don’t suffer punctures, can fight UV rays, can resist abrasions, and can even stretch and flex to your liking.

Seal a Seam the Right Way

Repairing a green tent with seam grip.

So, one of the seams of your beloved tent, canopy, or awning have started showing signs of being in need or repair. Now what? Not to worry as the Gear Aid brand has many seal grip products for you to choose from too. From the silicone-based Seam Grip SIL, and the water-based Seam Grip FC, to the waterproof Seam Grip WP, you have the right solution for any material, even nylon, silnylon, vynil, and leather clothing and gear.

To be sure you get the best results, read up each of the manufacturer’s product descriptions to get the proper sealant for the job and material. Also, keep an eye on the curing time to get a seal that’s virtually indestructible and good to go on many more adventures.

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