Trampoline Replacement Parts 101: Make Your Trampoline Last Longer

If you have kids, trampolines are a great way for you and your family to make the most out of your garden or backyard and have limitless hours of fun and joy outside especially when the weather is nice. Moreover, it’s a perfect way to keep your little ones engaged.

However, after several years of use, trampolines start to wear off. Some of its areas start showing signs of being torn and some stitches on the matt may start coming off. When you notice the first signs of wear and tear on your trampoline you should immediately start replacing its parts so that you can rest assured it is safe for use.

Furthermore, by regular parts replacement, you will keep your trampoline in good condition and make it last longer than usual.

Important Trampoline Replacement Parts

As trampoline’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, there are tons of retailers who sell trampoline replacement parts. However, not all parts are made the same and not every brand is a good one. The truth of the matter is, getting a high-quality replacement trampoline part is crucial to keep your setup in good condition for years to come.

Trampoline Mat

Trampoline mat

The mat is that trampoline part that typically shows the earliest indications of wear and tear. It makes sense because the more you love the rush of jumping, the more wear the mat will endure. You will also notice that your trampoline has less bounce as time goes on if you place weights on the surface.

Another outdoor factor influencing the durability of the matt is the constant rain and sun exposure. Therefore, areas of holes will be the first signs of weather damage on the matt. These holes show that your mat’s fibres have failed in their struggle and it’s high time to get it replaced. A great way to make your trampoline matt last longer is to order a high-quality one. Although more pricey, these mats are generally made of premium polypropylene and are always cross-sewn and UV-treated, making them less prone to snags and rips.

Frame Pads

Trampoline frame pad

Frame pads, on the other hand, are trampoline replacement parts that require regular replacement. They are typically installed on exposed trampoline components like the springs and frame. They are constructed from highly absorbent materials. However, over time, this material degrades and loses some of its shock-absorbing properties.

And, once the frame pad gets degraded it won’t offer the best protection to rebounders which can be very dangerous. Therefore, to keep you and your family members, especially kids’ safe it’s important to replace the frame pads immediately after you notice the first signs of wear and tear. When doing so, keep in mind to take the right measurements so that you can get the correct frame pad size for your trampoline.


Trampoline springs

Maintaining safety should be a top priority. It is therefore crucial for trampoline owners to have parts like springs on hand. Springs are made to stretch out to provide the required tension for bouncing. However, even when they are made of the best wire possible, after years of continuous use, the springs are likely to become brittle and strain, some of them might even break. Users might notice diminished bouncing effects on the trampoline mat if the springs are worn out.

Broken, strained, and even missing springs from the trampoline can all be considered damaged springs and they need immediate replacements as damaged springs increase the risk of an accident when jumping. Moreover, having even one damaged spring on a trampoline or a spring missing from the trampoline can lead to additional costs. For instance, this will affect the matt as it tends to be dragged more to one side on each bounce due to faulty trampoline springs, which causes it to wear out faster.

Given all this, you should check your springs every month to be sure that they are in good condition, look sturdy and haven’t become rusty.

Safety Nets

Trampoline safety net

Safety nets are barriers generally used for beginners to not fall off the trampoline while jumping. Since these trampoline parts are important for enhancing the safety of your trampoline, their regular replacement is crucial for avoiding accidents to happen. Trampoline nets deteriorate over time from prolonged exposure to the sun and rain. And this more frequently happens to backyard outdoor trampolines, rather than indoor ones.

So, it’s important to check your nets regularly to monitor the first signs of wear and tear before something serious happens. Look for rips, tears, holes, or snags. Minor rips don’t compromise safety at first, but during a time of use, they may become bigger and thus dangerous. Also, examine the poles, paddings, and brackets for any damage as you provide the net with the necessary trampoline care.

Trampoline Frame

Trampoline frame

The trampoline frame is the outer part of the trampoline to which the springs are then connected to the mat to make the trampoline. In other words, it’s the trampoline heart for safety and performance therefore, it should be checked and replaced regularly. Since the trampoline frame is made from galvanised steel, examine the trampoline ring for corrosion caused by water that may not be readily visible but could one day cause the frame to weaken and even break, resulting in severe damage.

A bent frame also poses a health hazard to the trampoline bouncers. It is, therefore, advisable to replace the worn-out frame with a possibly high-grade and galvanized one.

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