Keeping Cool on Your Camping Adventures: Suggested Aspects to Review When Choosing the Right Fridge for Your Trip

Well, there’s no other reason for someone to take a fridge/freezer when camping than to keep food and drinks at the right temperature. But unlike the traditional types of fridges and freezers, these types are smaller and portable which makes them easy to move around, and as a result, less of a hassle. 

Portable fridges and freezers are an extremely convenient solution when going camping even for a bit longer since you can take as much food as you like without fearing that it’ll spoil. The range of freezers and fridges for camping models is huge just like the choice for regular fridges, so taking into account the most important things is of vital importance when shopping.

Types of Camper Fridges and Freezers

Camper Fridge

Generally speaking, there are three different types from which you can choose and each of these camper fridge freezer models can suit different needs and styles of use. So, only by understanding them, you’ll be able to make the right choice.


The main benefit of these fridges is that they’re power efficient and they can run off 12v or 240v. It’s said that in most cases they can draw only 1 – 2 amps per hour which can be compared with the work of a car interior light which also draws 1 amp per hour. Depending on the size of the battery in your car, it’s said that these fridges can run for many hours with the vehicle being turned off and without any risk at all of the battery being completely drained. These fridge freezers can work on solar power as well which will allow you to stay in one place for a longer period of time. All in all, these fridge freezers can suit most campers since they’re perfect for solar and generator camping and for touring.


These fridges are the ideal solution for all those of you who plan to spend a long period of time in one location. That’s because that way these fridges run at their lowest and are more efficient. When compared to the compressor type of fridges, it seems that the absorption ones draw somewhere between 8 – 12 amps per hour depending on their size, so this is another reason why you should do thorough research before choosing the first model you see in the store. One thing is certain, if you plan to move and not sit in one place, then you shouldn’t consider the idea of an absorption model.


Also known as cooler/warmers, these fridges are quite similar as the absorption ones. Just like the absorption counterparts, they don’t have moving parts, plus they operate by using a thermoelectric plate. So, once electricity moves through it, it’ll transfer heat from one side of the plate to the other and so the cooling process starts. Unfortunately, these fridges draw a lot of power and they’re quite inefficient because they can only cool to a certain degree below the ambient temperature.



In order to make the right choice, aside from the type, you should also consider the size of the camper fridge freezer which depends on the free space you have and how willing are you to carry around a portable fridge with you. Generally speaking, the 60 litre fridge is among the most commonly used types because it’s perfect for a long family weekend camping. However, you can always opt for either a smaller version of 45 litre or a bigger one, like those up to 100+ litre models. The choice is up to you and your personal and vehicle needs.

Cooling Capacity

If not planning to carry meat or something that can spoil easily then you can choose almost any type of the portable fridge freezers available. However, if planning to carry food and drinks that need to be kept at lower temperature, make sure to consider all of the cooling device options and their cooling capacity in order to find the right one.

What Temp Should I Set My Camping Fridge Freezer?

Camping practice shows that the ideal temperature for such fridges is 2-3°C because this offers the perfect balance. However, the ideal temperature for the freezer compartment should be around -10 to – 20 °C.

Low Current Drain

When in the search for a portable fridge, it’s recommended to look for one with low current draw because this indicates how long the battery will last and how long the fridge can run in a parked vehicle or at your campsite.

Battery Protection

It’s quite great to choose a fridge that shuts down when the battery is struggling, and this goes especially to those times when you’re running it from your starting battery. So, when looking for the right fridge, pick one that cuts out at a fairly high voltage in order to keep the battery from going completely flat. If not sure what to look for, you can always consult with someone who has more experience in camping and fridges, or you can seek professional advice. 

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