Exhaust Pipes: Why are They Exactly What Experts Suggested


The same way anatomy is important in medicine, the same way exhaust systems are important when it comes to cars. Exhaust pipes can improve the performance of your vehicle like no other part, so if you’re looking to replace your exhaust pipe, you should understand the difference between pipes and how it will affect the ride.

Exhaust pipes can be changed for various reasons. Many do it to get a fresh, new look for their car, some do it purely for performance, in an attempt to squeeze as much torque and horsepower out of their vehicle. Others are just looking to change the way their vehicle sounds. But whatever your reason might be, there are a few things you have to realize before you make the final decision of replacing your exhaust pipes.


Replacing a complete exhaust system can be quite expensive, but replacing your whole system instead of a single part will certainly increase your car’s performance. On the other hand, replacing the pipe also involves replacing the muffler and header. Most cars have a section of pipes after the muffler, which are known as tail pipes. Changing the header has many pros, like proper evacuation, increase in horsepower and an improved exhaust flow.

Replacing the muffler with a performance muffler will make the biggest increase in horsepower performance, and replacing both muffler and header can produce a significant horsepower grain which is often times worth the investment. The replacement of the exhaust pipes can be rather complex, so most car owners leave it to the mechanics to do the installation.


Other smaller parts that exhaust pipes are comprised off are the tips. The tip is the very end of the pipe and it gives it a sense of uniqueness. The visual appearance of an exhaust tip can be altered by material and shape to look either more sporty or sophisticated. Besides visually, the sound can also be further modified by the tip.

However, this doesn’t mean the tip has no functionality other than enhancing the visual appearance and the sound. On the contrary, it can help correct a dropping or rusty factory exhaust tip, enhancing its performance. Regardless what your reasons are, it’s a good idea to replace the tip of your exhaust every once in a while.

The first signs of damage a car gives come through the noise it produces and the gases it emits. Keeping a healthy exhaust system is key to keeping a healthy engine. Check your exhaust regularly and leave the maintenance part in the hands of an experienced mechanic.


Aiden Jones

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