Few Suggestions on How to Buy the Best Dog Bed


From kitchen floor to living room sofa, your dog can pretty much sleep comfortably anywhere. But this does not mean he should. I know you really love your furry friend and do not mind him sleeping on your bed, and while it’s all nice and sweet, it is important to provide your best buddy with a bed of his own. From mattress-style, loungers and even temperature-controlled dog beds Sydney pet shops and Australia wide for that matter, offer a wide range of types and styles you can choose from, which can match your home décor. With such variety of choices, making a decision becomes hard work. To pick the best bed for your pooch, consider the following key factors.

Dog Bed


Picking the right size is imperative. The bed needs to support your pooch’s weight and body when he’s stretched out. It is best to measure your dog and pick a bed that is about 10-15 centimeters longer and wider. To ensure you get the right size, read the size recommendations on the tag For example, extra small and small dog beds are ideal for Terriers, Maltese, Whippet and Pugs; medium for Cocker Spaniel and French Bulldog, while large and extra large for Boxers, German Shepard, Dalmatian, Malamute, Irish Setter, Mastiff and Rottweiler.

Quality and Easy Maintenance

Look for a bed made of a durable material (after all, dogs love to scratch and chew), such as vinyl weave, ballistic and cordura nylon. These are the indestructible bedding materials that are abrasion-resistant. Remember, the higher the quality, the longer the bed will last and be more comfortable for your canine. Removable washable cover is another thing to consider. Dog beds must be washed regularly as they gather hair and dirt, hence a canine bed with a removable, machine-washable cover will make keeping-it-clean task hassle-free. Also, pay attention to the type of filling. You can choose from either polyfill or foam or a combination of two or cedar. The important thing is to pick a filling that will provide softness and comfort to your pooch. Search for online pet shops that offer such dog beds Sydney and Australia wide.


Pick a style that will suit your pooch’s sleeping style. Mats, mattress-style, raised dog beds and loungers are perfect for dogs that like to stretch out when sleeping, while nests and pillow beds are recommended for dogs that prefer to sleep curled up or change position. For dogs sensitive to cold or heat, temperature-controlled dog beds are the best. And if your dog needs joint support, go with a memory-foam orthopedic bed as these are designed to conform to your dog’s unique body shape and weight. All the styles are available at better equipped pet shops, just make sure

Remember, just as the type and quality of the bed you sleep in is important, the same is true for dogs, regardless of the breed. You owe it to your pooch to provide him with an agreeable spot (safe and comfortable at the same time) he can retreat to at night, including few other pet supplies. Whether a budget-friendly mat or a luxurious orthopedic high-density memory foam, dog bed is worth every penny you spend.


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