Suggested Fun Kinetic Sand Activities to Do With Your Kid

Have you heard about Kinetic Sand? This new toy set for kids aged 2 and above, is getting more and more popular on the market, due to his unique and fantastic characteristics. It is a must-have toy for your children if you are looking for a way to keep them entertained and help them to develop motor skills.

Not long ago, the Australian company Key Distribution has come out with a unique product on the toy market, called Kinetic Sand. It is a blend of sand and silicon-based organic polymer that makes the sand non sticking. Another great feature is that the kinetic sand is anti-microbial and totally safe for kids with allergies.

Children, and even adults, are crazy about this sand play toy. It is fun, it is educational and what is most important for the parents – it is mess-free! Many reputable toy stores offer kinetic sand in Australia because it is considered as the most efficient toy set that helps little children to learn how to create different shapes and figures. While having fun, kids develop motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

Kinetic Sand Australia

Kids can play with kinetic sand in a variety of ways. Parents can play together with their kids too, so through game and fun, kids use their imagination and creativity for creating different things. Making muffins, cupcakes, geometric shapes or shapes of animals are just some examples how kids can use play with kinetic sand. All you need to do is to find a reputable kinetic sand Australia supplier. Let’s share some ideas of how to learn, play and have fun with your kids:

  • Sand Words Game. For this game, you need to buy small gems or something similar to that in order to write letters on them. Think of a word that you want your child to spell and hide the gems with the letters of that word into the kinetic sand. Let your child find the gems in the kinetic sand and spell the word. It is an awesome activity that helps your kids to develop motor skills.
  • Sand Cookies Game. This is a great game where you and your kids can prepare delicious cookies by using the kinetic sand. Take some colorful plastic glasses and let your kids make different types of cookies. A great game to spark your kids imagination and creativity.
  • Sand Numbers Game. This one is my favorite, because it includes both creativity and math skills. Tell your child to make a particular number by using the kinetic sand, for example number 4. Your kid will enjoy while creating and shaping the number, and once done, ask you kid to make four small balls from the kinetic sand.

Find a reputable kinetic sand Australia supplier and give your kid something that can be both fun and educational at the same time.

Aiden Jones

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