The Suggested Way To Choose Vinyl Floor Coverings


Vinyl flooring is one of the most practical flooring solutions nowadays. Due to the busy lifestyle, people tend to buy things that are practical and easy to maintain. If you are tired of cleaning your old floors, and want to replace it with the one that will withstand stains and other damages, then choose vinyl floor coverings. Vinyl floor coverings are durable, resistible and easy to clean. Beside the fact that the vinyl floor coverings offer high quality, they come in wide range of modern wood and stone designs. If you are not sure which vinyl floor coverings are ideal for your place, search online for popular samples of vinyl flooring. However, selecting the flooring solution among many samples of vinyl flooring requires more work than you may think. Here are few tips that can help you make the right selection.

Choose The Type Of Vinyl Floor – The first thing you need to consider when choosing vinyl floor coverings, is the type of the floor. You can either install vinyl flooring tiles or vinyl flooring sheets depending on your requirements. Check out different samples of vinyl flooring and see which one matches your current interior design perfectly. The sheet vinyl floor coverings are better choice for high moisture areas like bathrooms, since they are more durable and water resistant. Tile vinyl floor coverings on the other hand are easier to install as they come in one dimension, what gives a more uniform appearance.

Choose Color And Pattern – When it comes to colors, it is always better to look at some vinyl flooring samples before choosing the color you want. You will be able to find wide range of designs and colors, but the most popular ones are inlaid or printed patterns. Inlaid vinyl floor coverings feature color and patterns that are already built in the structure of the tiles, while the printed coverings only feature a printed top layer.

Choose The Wear-Layer – Beside choosing the right color and pattern, another thing to consider when installing vinyl floor coverings is the surface coating. In order to resist dirt, stains and other unpredictable marks, you need to choose between vinyl floor coverings with no wax – Urethane or Enhanced Urethane. In order to spot the difference, you need compare several vinyl flooring samples. If you need vinyl floor coverings for areas with light traffic, than you should go with Vinyl No-Wax. For normal to heavy traffic, go with Urethane vinyl floor coverings. And if you need vinyl flooring for areas that are prone to scratches, stains and heavy traffic, then Enhanced Urethane is ideal.

Adhesive Or No Adhesive – If you plan to use the vinyl floor coverings for longer period, then you need to apply adhesive on the floor before installing the tiles. However, if you plan to remove them later, then you should go with the vinyl floor coverings that have backing that peels off.

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