The Suggested Gear for a Successful Start of Your Spearfishing Saga

As a unique and fun way to catch fish and explore the underwater world, spearfishing is a popular sport among Australians. Unlike other styles of fishing, spearfishing allows you to be more selective when in comes to which species you will be on the hunt for. It’s basically catching fish underwater by using a specially designed speargun. This is actually one of the oldest methods of fishing that has been used for centuries. While in the past people were hunting for fish in rivers and streams using sharpened sticks, nowadays the method of spearfishing has evolved a lot and besides using a speargun, it includes the use of other pieces of equipment as well.

Special equipment has been designed for different water conditions and target fish. Unlike other fishing styles, spearfishing doesn’t require the use of baits. Plus, it is a lot more effective once you’ve learned the basics such as how to quickly spot your target fish and catch it properly with your speargun. The technique of free diving is commonly used for spearfishing, but scuba diving and snorkelling are other effective methods for catching fish underwater. Great skill in one of these techniques and the right equipment are the main things you need to have for a great start at spearfishing. Here are basic pieces of equipment.


A mask and snorkel combo

To see clearly underwater and quickly spot your target fish, you need a well-designed mask that fits properly the shape of your face. There are various types of spearfishing masks that differ in both design and performance. I would suggest using one with a large volume that can provide an enhanced field of vision. Besides spearfishing masks, you will also need a practical snorkel to complement your mask. To breath with ease underwater, consider getting a snorkel with a purge valve which allows you to quickly drain any water that might enter your mask and obscure your vision.


If you are new to the whole process of spearfishing, it would be best to start with a simple speargun which is easy to use and can help you easily develop your fishing skills. There are various types of spearguns that differ in both performance and size. For beginners, I would suggest the pole spear which has a practical design, offers great performance underwater and is often used for fishing in shallow waters, which is where most beginners like to fish.


To spot and successfully catch your target fish underwater you need to be able to swim with ease and move in the water quickly. For this you need a quality pair of spearfishing fins. Compared to standard fins, these are designed to be longer and more flexible. When choosing yours pay attention to their size since ill-fitting fins are not only uncomfortable to wear, but can also cause painful blisters. You would want something that fits properly, has a durable design and allows you to get to your target fish quickly.


Safety is key when doing any kind of sport and spearfishing is no exception. A quality wetsuit can provide the desired protection and keep you warm while fishing in colder waters. While a standard wetsuit for diving can do a good job at keeping you warm, to protect yourself from abrasive reefs, sunburns and stinging underwater creatures, you will need a thick and durable wetsuit that has been specifically designed for spearfishing.

Aiden Jones

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