The suggested ways to keep your food warm

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Whether you are waiting for your guests or for your partner to get back from work, keeping food warm is a big challenge. Since most of us prefer eating food warm or hot, it is important to keep the food and serving dishes warm. The line between keeping food warm and overcooking or drying it out is thin and you should know certain techniques on how to keep food warm and tasty. Some of these techniques require modern kitchen gadgets such as warming drawer, while others can easily be done with few kitchenware items. Here are three easy and super effective ways for keeping the food warm.

Oven – The simplest method to keep your food warm is to use your oven. Set it on a low temperature (below 90ºC) or on a warming setting if your oven supports such. Low temperature will keep food warm without drying it. For best results, cover the food with foil and check frequently in order to prevent it from drying or even burning.

Hot water – Another simple way to keep the food warm is by using water bath. Placing the pan with the food over larger pan filled with hot water can help to keep the food warm. To maintain the water temperature, keep the pans on a stove on a low heat. Because of the high temperature of water, do not forget to use a pair of oven mitts when replacing water or handling pans, in order to prevent burns.

Warming drawer – This is one of the most innovative kitchen gadgets and it is the perfect solution for keeping food warm. The warming draweris an appliance with a similar size of regular oven and can keep the food warm and fresh for hours. Versatile and useful, warming drawers are also ideal for defrosting foods and reheating leftovers. The warming draweris very easy to use and maintain, which makes it even more desirable. Also, it is very useful when cooking more than one dish as it will keep the first dish nice and hot until you are completely done with cooking. Buy a warming drawer and forget about cold dinners.

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