Trolley Jacks: The Suggested Garage Tools That Do the Heavy Lifting

There’s no such thing as too many tools in a garage, no matter whether it’s a commercial one, or for the home use, because you never know when you might be in need of a specific tool.

Then again, there is such a thing as the division between more basic tools, and tools that come as an afterthought, and when it comes to trolley jacks they surely fall into the first category.

trolley-jackThough not a recent invention, taking into consideration its beginnings and development can be seen in the 19th century, we can’t overlook the upgrades as of late thanks to the use of technology, turning them into even more useful tools.

This can be seen in the change of design, shifting towards a lightweight product, making it easy to lift them, carry them, and store them, so they also make the perfect addition among your basic car tools, as trolley jacks come in handy in cases of emergencies, saving you whenever on the road stuck in a situation with car faults, like defective tyre, including faulty brakes.

As the name comes from a jack, meaning a machine that does the heavy lifting, you can have the peace of mind, whatever work you have to do under the car, you don’t have to use any strength with the lifting as latest models are made from durable materials in the likes of stainless steel.

What this means is they are built to have high loading capacities, and durability even when doing all the heavy lifting. Furthermore, most of them have waterproof finishes, so they can withstand moist conditions also. Some other handy features they can be found equipped with are easy carry handles, easy positioning thanks to a swivel saddle, and easy use through steel castors.

Other desirable features are the rocket lifting, and high lift and low profile, so there’s plenty to choose from. Depending on your requirements, it’s advisable to purchase a trolley jack based on several aspects: weight, height, and the purpose of use (commercial, or home).

This is crucial because the variety of jack types differ in the capability of how much weight they can lift, how high they can lift, and ease of use and maintenance. Then there’s also the consideration of how much support and stability you need throughout the lifting, which is where the consideration of saddle size comes.

Knowing this, you can’t not have a trolley jack in the car garage, or in your car boot for that matter!

Mia Hadson

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