4X4 Exhaust System: Top Suggestions on Why You Should Get One

One of the best ways you can improve your pickup truck’s power delivery and fuel economy is by getting an after market exhaust system upgrade. It is very simple to do and if your truck is tall enough, you won’t even need a jack to make the change. What exactly am I talking about? Well, installing a new exhaust system can be done relatively easy depending on the type of truck you have. There are many companies that make 4X4 exhaust systems that sound better and can improve the performance on your truck, and come with all the necessary instructions so you can install it yourself in less than an hour in your driveway.

4X4 exhaust

If you are thinking about switching to an after-market exhaust, it’s best to go all the way, and get a full kit. All after market exhaust systems should include appropriate instructions on how to install the exhaust. Be sure to check that the company you are ordering your 4X4 exhaust from has a customer-service phone number so you can get answers to any questions you might have about installing the kit yourself. The instructions should be as simple as possible and it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to install.

So what can you expect from an after market exhaust? Well, the first thing you will notice is a change in sound – it will give a deeper, more powerful sound to your 4X4. The factory made exhausts are made from the cheapest material possible as the manufacturers don’t want to waste too much money on the exhaust and are made from low quality steel. This leads to poor sounding exhaust and insufficient power output from your truck. That is why many people are switching to an after market 4X4 exhaust system as it can drastically improve the performance as well.

Also, you will get greater power improvement from your truck. Not as much as installing a turbocharger, but it will definitely improve the performance of your truck and add more horsepower too. If you want to know for sure how much of a difference it has made, you should take your truck to a chassis dyno shop and run your truck before and after the installation to see exactly how much of an increase in performance you have gained.

When installing your exhaust, it’s important to take your time, many exhaust upgrade kits come in the form of a DIY kit that can be shipped anywhere in the country. Depending on how experienced you are with tools and working with vehicles, give yourself a few hours to get it done. And make sure you allow your vehicle to cool off for at least a few hours before installing anything.

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