5 Types of Garden Gloves – Protect Your Hands

Wearing protective clothing when gardening is very important, like garden gloves and steel capped boots to protect the hands and feet when digging and moving heavy objects in the garden.

There is a range of garden gloves available on the market that come in different materials, designs and purposes, so here are the top 5 gardening gloves styles that will make your work in the garden more enjoyable.

  • Cotton Gardening Gloves

These garden gloves are sold at easy-on-the-pocket prices at can be commonly found in garden centers and home-improvement stores. The cotton gardening gloves are lightweight, breathable and keep your hands clean and protected while digging or yanking weeds. However, cotton gardening gloves have their cons as well; they are not waterproof and cannot offer highest levels of protection against chemicals, pokes and cuts.

  • Leather Gardening Gloves

These are strong, durable and are the perfect piece of gardening wear for heavy lifting or pokey jobs, such as pushing a heavy wheelbarrow, dealing with wire fencing and pruning rose bushes. There are models of leather garden gloves that extend all the way up to the arms to provide extra protection. These gloves are great to be worn when dealing with thorny bushes.

  • Rubber Gardening Gloves

For performing the necessary gardening activities in damp soil or cold conditions, rubber gardening gloves are the best. They are perfect to seal out the moisture and keep the chill at bay, although rubber gloves can be a little sweaty when working for a longer period of time. Make sure to not confuse the rubber indoor cleaning gloves with the rubber outdoor ones. For working in your yard or garden, you need the latter ones.

  • Stretchy Gardening Gloves

These garden gloves come with a stretchy palm, cotton part on the back and in a variety of colours, and are exceptionally comfortable and most important of all, durable. Most of the stretchy gardening gloves available on the market today, are waterproof and offer added sun protection. So, for gardeners who look for a well-fitted, flexible pair of gloves, stretchy gardening gloves are the right option.

  • Disposable Gardening Gloves

When dealing with pesticides and manure, it is best to use disposable garden gloves which can be thrown once the work is done. These gloves can be found in pharmacies, medical-supply stores, even in grocery stores. Aside from the fact that they offer protection, disposable gardening gloves are super cheap.

Mia Hadson

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