Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Kits

Australia has a lot of sunny days, so it would be a waste not to use all that solar energy. Solar inverters are an extremely effective tool that allows households to not only reduce their electricity bill but also their carbon footprint. Understanding solar wiring is key because that way you’ll make the most out of the sun’s energy. Solar power is definitely the way of the future, which is why off-grid solar kits have become so widely popular.
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Reduce Costs

Over the past couple of decades, electricity costs seem to have only increased. While that on its own is not good, we have more and more devices that are powered by electricity. Something is constantly plugged in that drains power, which only increases the electricity bill. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way because off grid solar kits are perfect for either reducing the costs or totally eliminating them. That’s because once you have solar power in your home, the only thing you’re dependent on is the sun, and that’s not an issue in Australia. That’s why using a solar off grid kit in Australia is something that pretty much everyone should do.

No More Power Outages

When you’re tied to the grid, you’re at the mercy of someone else at all times. Even if the grid itself is maintained as well as possible, there’s always the possibility of the grid going down. That might happen right when you need electricity the most, and that’s not good. By using off grid kits, you’re ensuring that the only person who is in charge of your electricity at home is you. You’ll be the one that supervises the state of the power in the household, and if that sounds difficult, don’t worry because solar power is infamous for being pretty much entirely hands-off. You can leave it pretty much as is, with only light check-ups here and there, and you’ll soon see what it means to never have power outages again.
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Ideal for Rural and Urban Areas

Sometimes, people are worried that they might not be able to install solar energy in their homes just because they live in an urban area. While it’s true that solar panels require a bit of space to install, it’s absolutely not like how it used to be because in the past they required a lot of space. That’s why decades ago most solar panels were installed in rural areas. Nowadays, they can be installed pretty much anywhere, provided you have at least a bit of space. You can even easily go off the grid in urban areas.
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Green Energy

Solar power is perfect for a lot of reasons, but one that almost entirely trumps everything else is that it’s green energy. That means there is absolutely no harm done to the planet when you’re using solar power because it does not pollute at all. Fossil fuels always have emissions, and no matter how many new standards you introduce, they will always emit harmful gasses that only cause harm to our planet in the long run. Solar energy is not only infinite, at least for our purposes, but it’s actually entirely safe for Planet Earth, in both the short and the long run. That’s a huge reason for its popularity and why the technology has only continued to improve since its inception decades ago.

Easy Installation

Most people are worried about the installation of off grid solar kits for homes because installing solar power used to be such a difficult and complicated procedure. The good news is that pretty much everyone can easily it at home nowadays because it doesn’t require some specialised knowledge and skillsets that only a few people have. As long as you have decent skills with the tools you have at your disposal, then you should be fine installing it in the home. It’s not exactly the same with on-grid kits, because you might need to dig a trench in order to connect with the grid, but even they are quite easier to install than they used to be.

Difference Between Off-grid and On-grid Solar Panels

Almost everyone knows what solar power is. Maybe not everyone is fully aware of how truly useful it is, but it’s no secret that solar panels are harnessing the power of the sun. What a lot of people don’t quite understand is that there are two distinct types of solar systems. One of them is an off-grid system, which entirely takes you off the electrical grid. That means you’ll be entirely independent and you’ll be the master of your own electricity. The other one is an on-grid one, which as the name implies, means will allow you to remain connected to the electrical grid. Using that one means that you’ll still be able to use the grid’s electricity in case your system hasn’t collected enough that day, and you’ll even be able to sell back that electricity to the grid.

There is also a new way that is still being implemented in Australia that will allow you to directly and specifically connect to another user on the grid and sell your power directly to them. You won’t have to rely on the grid itself in that case. That is not something that’s possible with off-grid systems, but with on-grid ones, you’ll have to endure a more difficult and complex installation procedure. That’s not to say on-grid ones are impossible to install, but you might need the assistance of a professional.

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