Conquer Any Terrain: Upgrading Your Nissan Patrol with High-Quality Y60 GQ Suspension Components

Nissan’s full-sized GQ Patrols are known for their imposing size, relaxing comfort, and confident on- and off-road handling. They’re rugged heavyweights that are eager to go wherever you take them, but they’re not immune to the kinds of suspension maladies that can transform a sure-footed 4WD into an unpredictable hulk that wants to steer itself.

Years of heavy loads and hard off-roading can leave shocks, struts, and a host of other suspension parts bent or severely weakened. In fact, even if you’ve switched to larger tyres without upgrading the rest of the suspension, there’s a good chance that you’re already facing kingpin or wheel-bearing damage.

Hardier, longer-lasting replacement parts are the perfect answer to a lot of the Patrol’s woes. And with the proper suspension upgrades, you’re going to feel more confident than ever about putting your Patrol through its paces.

Investing in the Best Suspension Parts for Your Nissan Patrol

Let’s be honest: while there’s no way to dispute the Patrol’s sturdiness, there are only so many hard landings you can make with a stock 2600kg 4WD before you start to see suspension problems. And when they appear, high-quality Y60 GQ Patrol suspension components, including springs, shocks, and control arms are what you need to get your Nissan back on track.

Investing in the Best Suspension Parts for Your Nissan Patrol

Make no mistake: the indicators that your suspension is in distress won’t be hard to recognize, especially when they’re coming from the front end, and they can include a host of telltale signs that include:

· Steering wheel vibration when driving at speed or during turns;

· Pulling or drifting under acceleration or braking, or,

· Clunking and squeaking noises, on both sealed and unsealed surfaces.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, continuing to do so with worn or compromised suspension components is dangerous, and can even lead to a more complex progression of problems that could compromise your brakes, driveline, or transaxle. That’s why if you’re already considering replacing worn components, investing in the most durable GQ Patrol suspension parts now is going to save you a lot of difficulty in the future.

Stage 1 Suspension Kits Hive Your Patrol All-round Versatility

Although you can buy Patrol suspension components individually, the benefits of purchasing complete suspension kits are hard to beat. With suspension kits, you can be sure that everything you put on your GQ is engineered to work together seamlessly. And kits not only contain everything you need to revive your GQ’s suspension, but to bring it to the next level of off-road performance.

Starting with standard Stage 1, 2” Nissan Patrol Y60 suspension lift kits that are designed especially for Australia, you can expect them to contain:

· A pair of front coilover springs made from either silicon alloy or high carbon spring steel;

· A pair of rear coilover springs rated for a 200kg constant load to GVM; and,

· Heavy-duty front and rear nitrogen gas-filled shock absorbers.

These versatile, all round suspension kits are ideal for adding a bit of extra ground clearance for off-roading on weekends, without sacrificing weekday drivability. And if you’re GQ is outfitted with a bullbar, winch, or a large roof rack, these kits are built to handle the extra weight.

Stage 3 Suspension Kits Make Safety a Patrol Priority

Stage 3 Suspension Kits Make Safety a Patrol Priority

Not only do Staged suspension kits offer more lift, but they also deliver the rock-solid, off-road stability that allows you to tackle Oz’s toughest tracks with confidence. They effectively tie your suspension and steering components together, and include everything that’s needed to keep you and your vehicle safe.

Stage 3 suspension kits are available with either 3” or 4” of lift, and they also include:

· Front and rear high carbon steel coilover springs;

· Heavy-duty front and rear adjustable gas shocks;

· An Australian Design Rule (ADR) approved extended front and rear brake lines and brake proportioning valve;

· Front and rear rubber bushed panhard rods; and,

· Heavy duty control arms and bushings.

These tough GQ suspension kits don’t leave anything to assume when it comes to proper function and fit. And although driveline drop boxes and extended bump stops are recommended accessories to accompany these kits, they already contain everything that’s needed to ensure your suspension can safely support itself.

Take Your Patrol to the Limit With a Stage 4 Suspension Kit

If you’re looking to capture the optimal off-road experience with your Patrol, a Stage 4 suspension kit with 3″ – 4” of lift is the only way to do it. They offer the most comprehensive lineup of strengthened components available, and are designed specifically for vehicles that are running bigger tyres and heavier loads across tough terrain.

These fully-equipped kits feature everything that’s available with Stage 3, but they close the loop on off-road readiness with the inclusion of:

· Bolt in drop boxes to aid with achieving the correct driveline angle;

· Extended bump stops to fully eliminate the risk of your suspension bottoming out; and,

· Front and rear sway bar extensions to help correct the angle of your Patrol’s sway bars.

This core of rugged Stage 4 upgrades for GQ Patrols allows you to make quick suspension and driveline adjustments that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. They give you the final bit of assurance you need to put yourself and your Patrol to the test in any environment, but without the risk of suspension part failure.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the Nissan Patrol is a giant among full-sized 4WDs. They’re one of the toughest, most durable rigs you’ll find anywhere, but it takes a suspension upgrade to help it reach its fullest potential.

High-quality Y60 GQ Patrol suspension components are all that’s needed to transform your Nissan heavyweight into an ultimate rally and off-road brawler. It’s an upgrade that you won’t regret making, and you’ll be amazed by the difference it’s going to make.

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