Suggestions on How to Create a Minimalist Scandi-Style Bathroom

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When it comes to decorating trends that have stood the test of time, few are as popular as Scandinavian. The Scandinavian aesthetic is known for being clean, soothing and multi-functional which is why it’s an all-time favourite for homeowners across the globe. So, if you’re planning to spruce up your bathroom, going Scandinavian can be a great idea.

Considering how most bathrooms are small and confined, this style can help you make the most of your available space. When executed right, your bathroom will be brimming with function and style. Are you onboard? Here are some suggestions to help you do it right.

Combine White Walls with Colourful Floor Tiles

Source: Architecture Art Designs

White walls are a must for every Scandi-style space, and the bathroom should be no different. A clean, white backdrop certainly helps open up the space, making it appear larger than it is. But many homeowners envision their bathroom covered in interesting tiles that give the space an artistic, mural-like touch. If you do want to add decorative tiles to your bathroom without disrupting its Scandi vibe, consider doing so on the floor.

A stunning floor decked with whimsical and colourful tiles can be a real showstopper. And best of all, since the colour will be grounded, the rest of the space won’t feel overwhelmed and cluttered which is perfectly in line with the Scandinavian aesthetic. Pick tiles in a colour that you will want to use for other details in the room such as toilet brush holders, towel racks, baskets, wall art and similar things.

Make Every Detail Count

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In a Scandinavian bathroom, every detail no matter how large or small is picked out carefully to fit the scheme. Even something as simple as a soap dispenser, toilet brush or toilet roll holder should be beautiful and integrate into the whole minimalist look. You can pick out a sleek toilet brush set Australia Scandi-homeware shops sell. Made from a variety of durable and elegant materials such as stoneware and steel, and with a soft and minimalist design, a Scandi-style toilet brush set is both practical and stunning at the same time. When searching for a toilet brush set Australia homeowners can find models in the colours that are specific for Scandinavian design, such as royal blue, soft grey or gull grey. Don’t underestimate the flair small details like toilet brushes, towel racks and soap dispensers can give to the bathroom thanks to their classy designs.

Add Some Warmth with Natural Accents

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Scandinavian design is deeply connected to nature. With that being said, you should bring in as much natural materials into the bathroom as possible. The tiles should obviously be ceramic, while the bathtub, sink, and toilet made of rich marble. Not only are these materials sturdy and durable, but they’re also easy to clean – which is in line with the Scandinavian belief that all spaces need to be functional and low-maintenance. But when it comes to natural materials, nothing can beat the beauty and raw texture of rich hardwoods. So, make sure to pick out a gorgeous vanity or a counter made of walnut, maple or oak and give your space a warm, textured appeal. A small wooden ottoman next to the bathtub can be a cute addition and also serve as a place to rest a book or a glass of water while you’re soaking in your detox bath.

Store Everything Away

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Remember, one of the key characteristics of Scandinavian design is minimalism. And what is opposite of minimalism? Clutter. Unfortunately, bathrooms are notorious for collecting clutter in the form of shampoo bottles, shower gels, grooming tools, towels and dirty laundry. To avoid an overly cluttered space, as well as keep everything conveniently organised, you should bring in a variety of storage solutions. In line with the Scandinavian love of clean lines and natural materials, go for storage solutions that are simple and minimalist in design, and use wood and natural materials whenever possible. For instance, you can mount some wooden shelves to keep your skincare collection and use cute woven boxes for clean towels or dirty laundry.

Let There Be Light

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Scandinavian spaces make the most of natural light, that’s why you won’t see any hard window treatments in a Scandi-style home. But besides natural light, they also require a carefully planned out artificial lighting scheme too. To stay true to the Scandinavian lightness and airiness, layer your lighting in a smart way. For instance, consider adding functional and ambient lighting in the form of recessed lights which have smooth profiles and won’t clutter the space. Use a variety of task lights to increase the visibility around key areas such as the sink and mirror. Place the mirror opposite of a window or a lighting source to reflect as much light as possible into the room, thus making it feel larger and airier.

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