Dog Harnesses: The Suggested Dog Accessory for Safe and Relaxing Walks

Welcoming a dog into your life means setting yourself up for a life full of unconditional love and loyalty, support through thick and thin, and a goof ball that can relieve all the stress simply with its way of being. As the energetic creatures they are, going for walks together is of course considered basic care of a canine, so expecting to stay active and in shape is part of the deal too. As such, a harness is one of the most crucial accessories you can get.

Why Are Dog Harnesses So Popular?

dog with dog harnesses

Sure, leashes are nice and all, and a staple that’s been used since the dawn of time for outings with Fido, however the numerous benefits a harness provides shine some light on why it’s become the more popular choice for most owners. Before we delve into each of these benefits in particular, it’s important to first point out you can gain all they can offer for your pet as long as you choose the right design for them.

This is because there are just so many options of dog harnesses available at the pet stores, and one size doesn’t fit all. Prior to the shopping, consider your pooch’s breed, personality, walking style and behavior to find the design in the ideal style, and measure them up focusing on the neck and chest girth to get the perfect fit and ensure their proper freedom of movement. Now, more on to what the harness offers.

The Comfort for Your Dog

One of the main concerns of new owners when taking their pet for a walk is the discomfort the collar and leash combo makes for to their delicate neck. As you’re still getting to know each other, and how your active moments together are going to function, you may tend to pull more as your dog pulls to the side, exploring the surroundings.

You can forget about this issue when you acquire a handy supply like the harness for dogs because it’s designed to evenly distribute the force of the leash across the whole chest area. This way, it doesn’t put pressure on the neck and spine, preventing scary accidents from happening in these very areas, thus being the perfect solution especially for dogs that suffer from neck or spine issues, those that have arthritis, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), or wobbler syndrome.

Even if your dog hasn’t been properly trained for walks yet, and tends to pull, it won’t still be any worry for you that it would lead to collapsed trachea or neck sprains. Moreover, there are specific styles of harnesses designed for the pullers, offering more support and padding for both short and long walks, as well as some more challenging outdoor activities like skijoring, bikejoring, and dog sledding.

The Increased Level of Control

As a dog owner, the first and most important thing is to establish a relationship where your pet is aware you’re the one who calls the shots, not the other way around. This is crucial to avoid any unwanted behavior in the future, and it’s especially necessary to establish during your walks together so both of you have an enjoyable and stress-free experience, without worrying about other passers-by or animals that cross your path.

The reliable dog harnesses make this possible and easy as their basic design is such that offers you utmost control over the whole body and not just the neck area. It’s so useful, it works great for larger breeds too, regardless of whether they’re more energetic or easily excited when they see a child or another dog.

The Increased Level of Safety

dog with dog harnesses

There’s nothing worse than seeing your pooch master the art of escape from the leash when walking close to a busy traffic area. Save yourself the headache and get the suitable harnesses for dog instead for that optimal level of safety they provide. Allowing you to adjust the fit to the perfect size and comfort means not having to worry about those escape tricks ever again, or being in awkward situations with other people or animals.

Also, if you like to go on walks during those early morning or late night times when the rest of the world’s sound asleep, you’d appreciate having a harness for the amazing level of visibility it offers for your pet. Some models are designed with bright colors, whereas others come with reflective features so you can easily find something that suits your taste or budget.

The Training Possibility

If you just got a pup that’s yet to master the skill of walking in a calm and relaxed manner, you’d love using the harness as a training tool. As mentioned previously in the text, it gives you greater control over its body and as such you can immediately act on and correct unwanted behaviors like pulling and jumping, nipping them in the bud.

Aiden Jones

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