Flexible Solar Panels: The Suggested Option for Your Renewable Energy System

With electricity prices continuously on the rise, it’s natural that many are looking for ways to cut down on rising expenses. Adopting a fully green lifestyle that would lower the carbon footprint of a household is certainly a plus, but a drastic one nonetheless. With the number of hours of sunlight in Australia, making use of solar power is where the main solution lies.

Utilising solar energy isn’t anything new, and we’ve had a range of solar systems over the decades, but the advancement in technology has made it possible to create something that’s highly effective without it costing a fortune or weighing a ton. All are in the form of convenient and efficient flexible solar panels designed to provide the highest power output even from the smallest surface. This is where their magic and benefits lie, and that’s the reason this text is all about them.

Flexible Panels Are Easy to Install

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For one, this is due to the fact they’re very lightweight and thin, making them fit for a variety of installations and uses. Also, unlike the traditional and rigid counterparts, you don’t get to do all the effort in manual labour and wiring to connect and use them. Easily handled and malleable, all you have to do is stick them onto the desired surface without having to do any prep work, and you won’t have to worry about damaging them at all as they can be placed on the most unusually shaped surfaces.

Flexible Panels Are Perfect for Remote Use

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Have you dreamed of going off-grid? Well, this is your ideal chance because the flexible solar panels are great for providing you access to power even if you’re not anywhere near the grid thanks to their portability and ease of installation. What this means is you can take them with you anywhere you go, including hiking and camping, and count on renewable green energy to use your regular appliances.

The fact they’re waterproof and resistant to saltwater means they’re fit for yachting and boating adventures and lifestyles too. They’re perfect as the primary power banks if you go tent camping, they work as RV powering if you decide to go on long-distance trips, they can serve as replacements for a generator for your water adventures, and they can even serve as power backup.

Need them as a long-term solution for powering the household? They can be added on the rooftop too! They may not be able to provide as much power as the traditional rigid panels, but you can still manage if you invest in more of them. And, the bonus benefit is they’re much more efficient when it comes to working in low-light conditions, with the overall output for the size being much greater!

Flexible Panels Are Affordable

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If you ever found yourself thinking you could never afford to get a solar panel system, rest assured your time has come because the flexible and frameless solar panels aren’t going to drain your wallet. Not only are they low cost initially (some cheaper ones are as cheap as $100-$200), but you’d also get to save up additionally considering the installation isn’t costly like that of the rigid ones.

How to Shop for Flexible Panels?

If you want to gain all the aforementioned benefits, you’d have to focus on getting quality flexible solar panels instead of only focusing on the low price. Also, be sure to look into factors such as:


Sure, the flexible may not be as durable as the rigid, but they certainly make up for it all with lower prices, high efficiency, and flexibility. Still, there’s a way to get more durable items than some if you focus on the materials.

For instance, getting designs of flexible solar panels made from tetrafluoroethylene is a better and more durable choice than getting those made from polyethylene terephthalate. This plastic may end up weighing more than regular plastic but it’s a worthy choice if durability is something you require.


If you want to be certain you buy something of quality, check to see the warranty offered for it. If it’s something less than two years, then it’s not worth your investment, because the truly worthy ones come with at least five years of coverage for faults. Also, be sure to look into the certification, especially if you’re promised to get SunPower cells to know you’re getting the real deal.


This is another crucial factor when choosing your ideal panel and it mainly has to do with how and where you plan to use it. If you’re buying something to cover your power needs on the go, then it won’t require that much power as, say, when you’re getting something for the purpose of powering up a house. Keep this in mind when you do the shopping and choose respectively!


This is the factor that separates quality from cheap panels. When you buy models that have undergone considerable electrical and electroluminescence testing, then you can be certain what you’re getting is up par with the current and voltage limits, and has cells that are well-matched and free of faults.

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