Foot Rest: An Ergonomic Solution for Those Long Hours Rooted in Bad Posture

Whether you are an office worker or a passionate PC gamer or in my case both (yeah, I know, I should get out more), spending long periods of time every day sitting at your desk in front of a PC can wreak havoc with your worker

Spending more than six hours a day sitting at a desk may cause a number of long term health issues such as a bad back, sore neck, poor circulation in your feet, and so on. I learned that the hard way. Although most of us have heard about ergonomic desk equipment such as chairs, mouses, keyboards, monitors, I really had no idea that an under desk foot rest can make such a big difference.

The main issue I had (and this is common for many people) was lower back pain. This was mainly due to bad posture. After sitting at my desk for a while I tend to sink in my chair and my feet would slide along the floor and I would find myself sitting in a terrible position. When I got my foot rest however, I could rest my feet and sit straight. It significantly improved my leg circulation, eliminated fatigue on my legs, and I don’t feel stiff when I get up from my chair. Also, my overall alignment is much better and I rarely get back and neck pain even after spending hours working at my office desk or dungeon crawling at home with my guild mates.Under Desk Foot Rest

When choosing an under desk foot rest, consider the length of your legs and the size and position of your chair. The whole idea is that your feet should rest at a slight angle, so my advice is to get an adjustable foot rest that can perfectly fit your needs.

Here is a list of some top quality foot rests that might help you get the general idea of what you should look for.

  • Kensington SoleMate Smartfit Footrest has a total of 6 different height adjustments with the maximum height of 125 mm off the ground. The angle is also adjustable and can be easily locked into position by simply clicking a button with your foot. It features a non-slip surface and it is perfect for relieving pressure on the lower back.
  • Ergostretch Footrest features a vinyl covered padded leg support which encourages stretching. The foot rest platform has three different height settings up to 125mm of the ground while the leg rest height is 360 mm.
  • Fellowes Professional Series – Steel Footrest doesn’t have a fixed angle and it enables rocking motion which improves circulation. The sturdy steel construction has a large platform with 3 different height adjustments and, of course, a non-slip surface.


Aiden Jones

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