Fresh Take on Design & Functionality – Infuse Glamour into Your Small Bedroom

Your safe sanctuary from the world? Definitely. Decorated to please your style preferences and needs? Of course. Comfortable? Duuh. Ideally, your bedroom should be organized in such a way that you can comfortably store your personal items, have enough space to relax, and feel your best self. However, when you’re faced with limited space, creating a bedroom that does all these things can be quite the challenge. In many cases, the need for functionality and storage is stronger than the desire for style. The end result? A bedroom that feels cluttered, unloved and uninspiring.

Designers often suggest incorporating storage under the bed as well as using built-in pieces of furniture as typical space-saving solutions. Nevertheless, there are a few other things you can do to make your bedroom a functional haven without sacrificing style.

wall mount pendant light

Wall-Mount the Bed Light

Considering the fact that in a small bedroom you have limited surface areas, your best bet is getting creative with your bedside lamps. Don’t use that precious bedside table space by placing bulky lamps, instead, install wall mount for pendant light. This will create an interesting focal point while providing task lighting on each side of the bed. Just make sure you carefully measure and hang them low enough so that you don’t have to get out of bed to turn them off. Installing a wall mount for pendant light will free up the area below and will create an illusion of greater volume, making the room feel lighter, uncluttered and even a bit more styled.

Wall-mounted pendant lights can be found in a variety of sizes and styles and are a great way to transform an ordinary bedroom into an extraordinary haven. To make the ambience more dramatic, look for pendant lights with cutwork or jewel-like openings. That way, when they emit light in the dark, the lights will cast a radiant jewel-box glow in your bedroom. Edgy and space-saving, pendant bed lights are as stylish as they are practical.

Mirror the Wall

When designing a small bedroom, mirrors are your best pal. You can place a medium or a large mirror anywhere in the room, there really are no strict rules. You can try hanging one above the headboard, on the wall opposite your bed, or place it on your closet’s door. It will not only make your bedroom appear larger, but it will also reflect the natural light entering the room. To make your walls edgier, you can use multiple mirrors on a wall instead of art to create a gallery. Or, you can place an extra-large free standing mirror leaned against a wall. Its dramatic look and size will make your bedroom feel immensely larger and brighter.

standing mirror for bedroom

Float the Nightstands

Since your bed and closet will take up a great part of the floor space in your small bedroom, a great trick for giving the room a more open and airy look while creating more space is to float the nightstands on the wall. This will make the furniture seem as if it is merged into the wall, giving your bedroom a more streamlined appearance. This way, you will have more space beneath to store shoes or add some stylish baskets stashed with necessities. If you’re trying to mount these pieces of furniture by yourself and not using a contractor, I’d recommend you to consult with one. You must make sure that the wall can handle the weight of the nightstands and that you’re using the right wall anchors and support.

Feature the Bed Wall

Making the wall behind your bed the star of your bedroom is a great idea for any size room. Nevertheless, it’s particularly helpful in a small bedroom because this gives the room more personality and draws the eye to the design feature, and not to the small size of the room. When it comes to interior design, there are numerous ways to get creative with your bed wall. A featured paint colour, a mural and even a bold wall paper design can all be fun and cost-effective solutions. Creating a gallery wall above your bed is also a great way to add a personalized touch to your space.

Another cool idea is to showcase a cool headboard. For this purpose, you can add a decorative element that’s not typical for a bedroom. Think an ornate iron panel painted in a cool colour, painted wooden window shutters, or a decorative wall divider than lies flat and is attached to the wall. To optimize the dramatic effect, make sure you place oversized pillows in front of this kind of installation or hang it at just the right distance where your head can’t touch it.

Fold Up the Furniture

To maximize your limited floor space (because the bed usually takes up most of this precious real estate), you can incorporate flexible furniture that can be folded up to the wall. You can also try adding a foldout desk that can be used as your glam-up makeup station. Similarly, incorporating a wall-mounted pullout shoe organizer in your closet is a great way to free up space on the closet’s floor where you can add a small chest of drawers. To make the most out your foldout piece, add a decorative component to its exterior surface. That way, a painted pattern on the back of a closed desk or table will add a visually appealing element to the room.

silver and grey damask wallpaper

Paint the Walls in Light Colors

The reason why this design trick works is that lighter colours reflect the light, thus making your space seem brighter and roomier. On the other hand, dark paint absorbs light, which will ultimately result in your room feeling smaller and more constricting. Furthermore, painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls can help erase the shadow lines that visually define your space. When the ceiling and the walls are in the same tone, it’s harder for your eye to tell where the room’s parameters begin and where they end, thus the room looks larger. Opposed to that, a white ceiling against a dark-coloured wall will immediately shrink your room visually — your eye can sense the room’s size right away. Your best bet is using monochromatic paint colours throughout the room to make the room seem more cohesive and airy.

Don’t Let The Drapes Hit The Floor

Although you may want to keep the bright, early morning sun out of your room and sleep in, it’s worth knowing that the natural light will expand your bedroom’s sense of space. Combined with your monochromatic, light-coloured walls and mirrors, you should be able to notice a difference right away. If you decide that you really need drapes, however, stay away from dark hues. Instead, use sheer, white drapes to make your room feel bigger.

And although not everyone is lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows in their bedroom, you can easily create an illusion of having them. Mount your drapes above the window frame and let them hang long to create a horizontal effect that draws the eyes upwards. However, keep in mind not to let the drapes touch or pool on the floor as you don’t want to cut off the flow of the room. Instead, you can just tie their ends up or leave a few centimetres below.

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