Garden Spotlights: The Suggested Way to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Now that it’s the season of barbecues and outdoor gatherings, illuminating your garden right is more important than ever. And there are many ways to do it, whether it’s with the help of floodlights, wall-mounted lights, post lights or deck lights to name a few. But if you want something more than just basic illumination, consider looking into spotlights.


Aside from lighting up your outdoor space for functionality and safety, with the help of spotlights you can also achieve a more dramatic atmosphere and showcase your garden’s most attractive elements. So, in a way, spotlights are a form of outdoor accent lighting. And just like indoor accent lights, you can choose between wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, adjustable or spotlights installed on the ground. Due to being available in a variety of designs, you can highlight anything with the help of a spotlight including a tall tree, a fountain, a deck, some flower beds, or a wall mural.


Another benefit of spotlights is that they can also function as security lights. By choosing a spotlight model that includes a built-in movement sensor, you can scare off potential burglars or intruders from disturbing the peace and safety of your home. But even if you don’t opt for such a model, spotlights can still help create a safe atmosphere by illuminating the darker corners of your garden.

Now that you know all the benefits of spotlights, you probably wonder about the specifics. As with any type of light, you need to consider the available bulb options. Usually, garden spotlights have either halogen or LED-bulbs. While halogen bulbs are slightly cheaper, LEDs are more durable and energy-efficient. Additionally, there are also a number of solar-powered spotlights that might be more expensive, but ultimately help you reduce the costs of illuminating your garden in the long run.

The colour and the brightness of the lights is another factor that you should have in mind. For instance, if you’re looking for ground spotlights, it’s advisable to look for bulbs with a soft and warm glow which won’t feel too bright on people’s eyes. On the other hand, security lights and wall-mounted spotlights should be bright enough to illuminate the area below them.

In order to create a balanced-lighting scheme, it’s very important to consider the size and shape of your garden. For instance, a long and narrow garden won’t benefit from many spotlights as they can make it look like an airport runway. On the other hand, if you have a garden with a large diameter, you have more freedom to play with spotlights.

Mia Hadson

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