Griffin PowerDock 5 – The Suggested 5 Port USB Charger

The Griffin PowerDock 5 is a multi port USB charger station that allows you to charge and store your devices all in one place. If you are like many today, you probably have tons of devices laying around and these devices often do need to be charged daily. The great advantage of this 5 port USB charger is that it features five different slots as well as five USB ports to lie and store all your devices at the end of the day at one place, keeping everything organized and at the same time allowing you to charge all your devices.

5 Port USB Charger

At the fall 2.1 amp output, devices like a tablet and an iPad, can be charged at a four-speed. With the 5 port USB charger you can accommodate all your devices parallel, one behind another, and even if your device has a case for example, there should be no issue as there is quite a bit of space for each device in the slots. The Griffin PowerDock 5 port USB charging station is primarily made out of plastic but is heavy enough and features rubberised bottom what ensures it stays in one place on the desk without the issue of sliding around. It also includes easy adapter required for charging multiple devices.

One downside of this 5 port USB charging station, is that it does not include any cables. This means you will have to supply your own maker USB or lighting dock connector cables depending on your device. Although Apple knows that different devices require different cables (whether it is the micro USB, mini USB, or even the lighting dock connector cable) at the price of $99 dollars, many would have liked to see the 5 port USB charger come with different cables.

Overall, many have reported having a very nice experience with the Griffin PowerDock5. It is a very beautiful charger and also keeps things organized. With five different devices laying around, you would normally have to charge them one at a time and since each device takes about an hour or so to be fully charged, it would take you half a day to have them all charged. Or you could use five different Mac USB cables coming out of one outlet, but this could get very chaotic and it just does not look good. Higher price tag aside, the Griffin PowerDock 5 performs pretty good; it charges all your devices quickly, plus there are no messy cords lying around.

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