A Guide on Finding the Ideal Crossbody Bag: The Suggested Accessory That Blends Function and Style

Like them or hate them, no woman can do without handbags – the accessories that are considered women’s best friends. One reason is to do with the fact women’s clothes, particularly jeans and trousers, don’t come equipped with pockets large enough for storage of just about anything. The other reason is bags are more than mere functional accessories – they add to the style and looks too.

One type of bag in particular that stands out with the functionality as much as with the charm is the crossbody design. As might be guessed by the name, it’s the type of purse that you get to wear across the body, i.e. chest, or over the shoulder. But it’s not to be confused with messenger bags as the difference is in the length of the strap. As the strap is somewhat shorter, this gives it a more casual feel than say, handbags and shoulder bags, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fit for more elegant occasions too.

How Do I Choose a Cross Body Bag?

As you’ve come to know, many are the faces of this type, and you can easily find it at specialised AU bag stores near you. From different sizes and shapes to a range of styles, colours, patterns, and features, there’s the ideal crossbody accessory for women from all walks of life. With this in mind, start your quest for the perfect crossbody detail for your outfits by considering the following factors.

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The Size

The precursor of the modern-day crossbody accessory may have been predominantly utility-based and somewhat big, but that doesn’t mean all of these bags of this type are big to fit in a laptop, or all of your office desk supplies. There are some that are small enough to only offer space for you to fit in your daily necessities such as the smartphone, keys, sunglasses, lipstick, and wallet.

There are also the in-between options that bridge the gap between too big and too small, perfect for storage of more essentials of varying sizes. The choice mainly comes down to what the purpose of the bag will be for you. Ask yourself if you’re buying it for daily use, or for some more special and rarer occasions. This should help you out with the decision.

The Shape

Yes, you can find these stylish AU bag types in different shapes too. The two main options are rectangular and round. Out of these two, the first is known for the utmost functionality whereas the latter oozes style and can be used as a statement piece.

You may also find them in another option, which is basically a belt crossbody bag, that can only fit the most essential items you simply can’t do without daily. Vertical, horizontal, and square, too have become a common sight. If your choice isn’t dictated by what you carry on a daily basis, then go for whatever you perceive as the perfect fit for your personality and swag.

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The Style

The crossbody bags for women have plenty to offer in terms of style too, so they shouldn’t be thought of as only these casual accessories you can wear when around the city. You can just as easily find them in fancier styles to fit your dressier outings, like those you can wear both over the shoulder and across the chest, and it all comes down to the material they’re made from, as well as the aesthetic. This leads us to the next important aspect.

The Aesthetic

This one is an aspect that consists of colour, pattern and features like zipper, flaps, as well as pockets and enclosures. When you combine these together you get a range of styles, for example, casual and elegant. To make the most of the purchase, consider all of these elements and how they can contribute to your outfits and style.

Don’t forget to also consider the strap, one of the most striking features of the bag, as it should be big enough to provide you with the needed comfort. Moreover, some of these bags come with straps that differ in style from the rest, with a bold colour, pattern, and texture, and as such are the perfect option if you want to give your outfit a little boost and make a statement. If you’re typically into minimalist ensembles, this is the ideal solution to go from dull to interesting.

The Material

As mentioned, these crossbody bags can be found in different materials which can dictate whether one design appears more stylish than the other. This also means you have plenty of options to choose from without worrying about budget. If you can afford to get something durable and long-lasting, leather is the go-to, as opposed to faux leather that’s great as a more affordable choice that’s also the perfect fit for vegans. Along with the price, think of the weather conditions you’d put your bag through to ensure you get one that can withstand the exposure.

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