Hampton Style Cabinets: Suggested Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

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Having a beach house in the Hamptons sounds dreamy, but not everyone can afford it. Luckily, you can bring the Hamptons style in your home and enjoy its laid back vibe. The easiest part to begin with? The kitchen. Hampton style kitchens feature a mix of natural materials, plenty of natural light, and open space. After all, a beach house should make you feel relaxed and free, and that’s how these types of kitchens feel – like you can cook and dance at the same time. You don’t have to necessarily live by the ocean to make your home a calming oasis. Here are some tips on how to make your kitchen your favourite space in the house.  

What is a Hampton Style Kitchen?

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The Hamptons is a favourite summer holiday destination for many New Yorkers. They love escaping the crowded city and enjoy summer days at the beach while sipping on their favourite cocktail in their vacation houses. Think a wide, white and relaxed home close to the beach, with lots of natural light and white furniture. And when it comes to designing a kitchen in this style, you can expect the same – a lot of white tones, Hamptons style kitchen cabinets, a wide island, a sleek dining table, and wide windows for maximum natural light. These kitchens ooze rustic elegance mixed with bohemian elements to make you forget about the grey and monotonous buildings commonly seen in the city.

Basic Elements of a Hamptons Style Kitchen

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The Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is large enough for a kitchen island, don’t hesitate to get one. It can easily become the focal point and a practical element for cooking, dining, and long conversations with a glass of wine. Kitchen islands are especially practical because you can install cabinetry underneath them for storage. If your main kitchen colour is white, you can go with something completely different for the kitchen island, such as dark grey, black or brown.


If you wonder what Hamptons style kitchen cabinets look like, we have one word – traditional. The shaker-style cabinets are on top of the list; they have a flat centrepiece and a frame around the edges. You can add shell handles (if you’re into the whole beach vibe thing) or tiny knobs to complete the traditional look. The centrepiece can be made of glass, for an even more vintage look.

Architectural Elements

Hamptons kitchens often include exposed beams or wood details on the ceiling. These elements will give your kitchen a more rustic feel and break the monochromatic design (if everything is white).  If your kitchen has high ceilings, an architectural element or two of this kind would make the whole place impeccably stylish.


Although you can get a sink based on your preferences and needs, the rustic beach style of your kitchen will be complete only with a large farmhouse sink. These units are deep and functional and known for their timeless beauty and longevity.


We have mentioned several times that the Hamptons style kitchen is open and wide, but it won’t be a problem if your kitchen is a bit smaller. To create an illusion of a large space, choose the right lighting. If you have a large window in your kitchen, half of your work is done. An open space kitchen will work excellently for this style. Combined with natural light and white coloured cabinetry and gadgets, your kitchen will bring you the Hamptons in your home. 


The colour palette will set the tone of the heart of your home. People mainly go for entirely white kitchens but a splash of another colour can add some warmth to your space. It is not mandatory that you pick all-white elements. You can mix white and grey, add details in light blue, yellow, or even red. If that is a risky business for you, you can always add small details in a contrast colour such as black or golden cabinet knobs.

If the kitchen is all-white, your walls, backsplash tiles or floor can easily be in any colour you want – add some warm cappuccino coloured walls, or pick the elegant and timeless grey for your flooring.

Final Touch

white hamptons style kitchen with darkwood floor
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The final touch would either make or break the look of your Hamptons style kitchen. Pick wooden stools for your kitchen island, or wood trays to add make the ambience warmer. Lighting plays a major role, so if the general vibe is rustic, you can pick a contemporary black pendant light to add a bit of contrast.

Pot flowers, glasses, cutlery, vases, cookbooks, are all part of the small details that can turn your kitchen into your favourite spot in the house. They come in a range of designs and can easily fit in any decor style. Stick with neutral tones and you can never go wrong. Using natural tones like dark wood or oaky tones are great to add diversity to entirely white cabinetry. Let your taste and your home’s set up dictate your Hamptons style kitchen design. Adopt what you like and dismiss what doesn’t work for you.

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