Kubota KX61-3 – Suggested 3 Tonne Excavator

There might be many 3 tonne excavators on the market, designed and produced by well-known manufacturers, but none has proven its worth like the Kubota KX61-3. Kubota is one of the leading brands on the market for mini excavators. The excavators from this reputable Japanese manufacturer are used for various digging applications in many industry sectors. Our focus in this text will be on describing the most popular 3 tonne excavator from Kubota, the KX61-3.



Powered by the Kubota V1505-EBH engine, this mini excavator is an efficient machine that can deliver powerful performance. This engine is described as fuel-efficient, because the fuel tank is big enough to guarantee 10 hours of continuous work. The Kubota KX61-3 provides a two-speed travel switch, positioned to the dozer lever for changing travel speeds more easily. As mentioned above, it comes with the longest arm in its class, but it also delivers the largest digging depth. This design doesn’t impact the working force, but on the contrary, the excavator disposes with the biggest force in the whole 3 tonne excavator class.

Equipped with industry leading features for increased productivity and safety, the Kubota KX61-3 is different from all other mini excavators in the same weight class. For example, this 3 tonne excavator features a deluxe cabin that provides spacious and comfortable working environment for the operators. In addition, an adjustable suspension seat and a wide field of view in front, allows the operators to do more on the job site. For smooth operation with less operator fatigue, the Kubota KX61-3 comes with a wrist rest as a standard feature.

Another significant feature for increased efficiency is the variable displacement pump. By using a variable displacement pump, the engine is more efficient, because both the oil flow and pressure are adjusted accurately. Increased fuel efficiency reduces the vibration and noise level. When operating, this 3 tonne excavator creates low noise levels of excellent 77 dB.

Each part of the Kubota KX61-3 is well-protected from all kinds of impacts. For example, the front hoses are routed around the swing bracket for protection of accidental damages. The attachments are protected with a metal cover plate which is positioned at the back of the boom. And to prevent unexpected machine movements, the operators of this 3 tonne excavator must raise the safety lever to lock out the travel levers and pilot controls.

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