In Need of a Hobby? I Suggest You Try Photography

Everyone needs to have an outlet for the stress that everyday life puts on us. Some people turn to exercising, some try yoga and meditation, while others go for painting. If you have a good eye and a creative force that can be put in good use, photography can just be the right thing for you!

I bet the reason why you haven’t tried photography yet is because you consider it to be too expensive. Taking a photography course, choosing the right camera, camera accessories, paying a model to pose for you, flying with her to an exotic location, booking a luxurious 5-star hotel… Wow, hold on, you are getting carried away.


Starting out should be fun and easy and you don’t have to make it complicated with over-thinking and buying complex gear. Test the waters first by taking small steps. You can start experimenting with your plain camera phone. Get the hang of simple photography concepts like composition and lighting and once you feel more confident, you can move to the real thing. There are many options for camera rental Australia photography stores offer, so you can rent one and use it for as long you need it. This will certainly save you money during your experimental period.

As far as shooting locations are concerned, you don’t even have to go on exotic destinations – you can simply go to the local park or do your best when snapping your friends and family on the beach the next time you go on vacation. Get creative and make the best use out of your surroundings. After you’ve had the necessary practice, you can take photography to the next level and start looking for the right equipment. But even after you have bought your own tools, you can still search the camera rental Australia market for equipment that you want to try out but you cannot afford it yet.

Experimenting with photography can help you discover uncharted territories of your surroundings and even your own mind. You can tell a lot about a person from what they choose to photograph. It’s usually something dear to them, or something they feel needs to receive more attention from people. The photographer chooses a certain object or person because he wants to capture it in time and make it immortal. No wonder selfies are so popular with the young generation right now.

But besides bring to the front the more superficial parts of you, photography can help uncover what lies beneath. It truly helped me get to know myself better. I was so confused about what to pick as a career path and got involved with photography just to kill some time. However, what I noticed was that my camera was full of pictures of the many interesting buildings I came across. Suddenly, I figured out that the muse of my photos is actually the muse of my life. So I continued to take pictures of architectural structures so I could gaze at them and draw some inspiration. That’s the real beauty of photography – it thrives on your inspiration but it can also motivate you in times when you feel all drained out. It can really help you put things into focus when you lose yourself.


When you dive deeper into the world of photography, I bet you’ll want to take your camera everywhere with you. It’s always good to be prepared – you never know what you might come across or when will inspiration strike. Just don’t overdo it. First learn to see with your eyes, and only then with the lens. Also, pay attention to the details. With time, you’ll get a keen sense of what’s important and the right timing to pull the camera trigger.

Just remember, what starts as a hobby can easily develop into a full-time profession. If you find photography exciting and feel extremely happy every time you’re out snapping pictures – then maybe you found the right job for you. And don’t listen to anyone who says it doesn’t pay off – if you do your best, people will notice that and run to you when they need someone to capture their most important moments.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.