The Suggested Types of Shoes That Can Support Your Effortless Style

When describing the clothes in your closet, if simple and casual are the first words that come to your mind, then maybe your style can be summed up as an effortless one. You probably own a couple of quality basics (and a few fun pieces here and there) and feel most confident knowing that the clothes you’re wearing work well for your body and for most of the occasions you are usually involved in. Despite the fact that some may say that your vibe is kinda boring, and staples like a white jersey tee, jeans, or a silky blouse are a safe option, it’s what makes you confident and therefore the unique woman you are. A great point that can support this fact is that you probably don’t fall easily into the trap of following a specific trend and know that quality and basic pieces will last longer besides any current fashion trend.

In the era of mass consumption we live in, maintaining an effortless style reveals a certain kind of abstinence, but it’s also a refusal to compromise on quality. And when it comes to the lifestyle shoes that go with that style, quality, timeless appeal and versatility is what you need. There are a few key types of shoes that are crucial to complement those effortless pieces you have. Here are some.

Ballet Flats

These are timeless and feminine lifestyle shoes and once Audrey Hepburn’s shoes of choice. A woman that maintains an effortless style should own a couple of pairs. However, make sure you invest in flats that are quality, comfortable, lightly padded, feature a sturdy rubber sole for extra protection and a soft leather upper that minimises chafing. Also, avoid going for the super-flat shoes with thin sole since they can be just as hard on your feet as towering heels. Those with two inches heel height, on the other hand, would be ideal. Appearance-wise, black ballet flats that feature an adjustable ankle strap or maybe a little bow will allow you to be feminine enough while remaining effortless. White ballet flats also offer the versatility of the black ones. Both of these can be worn with almost anything you own in your closet.

Casual Sneakers

Sneakers are another type of lifestyle shoes that will never let you down. Now, we all have noticed those overly popular sneakers as of late – those chunky ones that have taken taking over Instagram and can probably be seen from space (chuckles). But instead of something that draws so much attention (even causes shock), a more sophisticated woman that knows what she likes despite current trends, would go for something like basic white sneakers made from durable leather with detailed panelled stitching that can add a touch of style to her casual daily outfit. The beauty of choosing lifestyle shoes of good quality and timeless look is that you will return to them over and over again. You can match these with your favourite pair of plain blue denim jeans or black mini t-shirt dress and add a special touch of cuteness to your look. Add a cute blazer to your sneakers and jeans combo and you have a casual day outfit. Or, if you want to pair your sneakers with a number of differently coloured shirts – go for a pair in neutral colours like black, blush or baby pink. Matching a pair of casual sneakers with a form-fitting midi black dress or a modest bellow the knees skirt will make you look like you didn’t try too much but can still manage to look stylish and add a playful touch to what’s considered a typical effortless look.

Ankle Boots

Finally, a pair of ankle boots can also support your effortless style. A simple pair of quality leather ankle boots can be the ultimate fall and springtime addition to tie an easy outfit together – just picture wearing a pair with a light shirt dress during early fall or spring. If you want something edgier, combat boots can bring a cool twist to your simple outfit. And in order to be able to withstand colder autumn days with a bit of drizzle, you’ ll need ankle boots that can stand up to the elements. What this means is that you need to choose ones that feature moisture-absorbent lining and are made of full-grain leather.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.