Suggested Centrepiece Ideas to Level Up Your Wedding Table Decoration

You finally set the date for your big day and began to prepare. Now that you’ve taken care of the big things like the gown, tux, the venue and photographers, you’re probably wondering what’s next? The beauty and the uniqueness of your wedding day depend both on big and small things, meaning you should take care of every detail to make everything look magical, including the decoration of the reception tables.

Why is wedding table decoration so important? Besides setting the tone for the whole wedding style and decoration, the tables are where people will spend precious moments that are likely to turn into fond memories of your wedding later in life. That’s the main reason why you want to make them as pleasant as possible. Both decorative table linen and wedding centrepieces are a great way to amp up your wedding reception decoration.

Whether you’re planning long family-style tables, or spread-out rounds, you can use centrepieces to create a beautiful setting and a table focal point for your reception. There’s a centrepiece design for everyone, no matter the wedding theme or style. Here are some of the favourites of the recent newlyweds.

Wedding Tree Centerpieces

Trees, twigs and branches are the newest trends in wedding decorations. They’re sturdy, reusable and not as expensive as the delicate fresh flowers. Most importantly, with their symbolism they can make the wedding decor meaningful.

wedding tree centerpieces

Manzanita trees are some of the most beautiful wedding tree centerpieces that can add an extra oomph to your reception table. The beautifully twisted branches and the vibrant colours give the very needed dramatic look and versatility to any wedding decor.

Knowing that manzanitas are very rare nowadays, and transporting them for a one-day event can be a logistic nightmare, many couples decide on artificial manzanita branches. These especially work well for large receptions, where light weight and consistency matter. And they’re a great choice for eco-conscious brides because they can be used again and again, not hurting the planet. So, how do you decorate manzanita branches?

To create a fairytale ambient for your venue, consider buying LED fairy light manzanita trees. Not only can they create a cosy atmosphere, but they can serve as an additional lighting source. You can mix and match them with the rest of the lighting to create the lighting effect you need.

Create a wedding wishing tree using a manzanita tree. Wedding wishing trees were a part of an age-old Dutch tradition that allowed guests to leave a note wishing all the best for the newlyweds. Using a tree instead of a guest book can give a nice touch to your wedding. And how cute will all those notes hanging on little hooks or ribbons be? After your wedding, your wishing tree can come to life during every family gathering and tradition, including birthdays and Christmas.

Although manzanita trees are used primarily for wedding tree centerpieces, there are other ways to incorporate them into your wedding decor. You can use them as hanging displays, to highlight your dessert table or the wedding cake. They go well with any style, from rustic vintage to traditional, so don’t hesitate on ordering them to achieve the next-level decor you want for your wedding.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are the most traditional wedding table centrepieces. If you’re wondering what the best flowers for wedding centrepieces are, roses, orchids and daisies are most popular choices. Whether tall or small, you can never go wrong choosing flowers for your wedding tables. You can make them tall if the ceilings of the wedding reception hall are high, or make them small to add width to the tables.

A minimalist approach will require arrangements made of small florals, or even baby breath, which in the world of flowers often doesn’t count as a flower, but more and more wedding couples are going for it. A set of succulents is also a good option that adds a nice subtle touch. And, go with wildflowers along with some pampas grass for the boho wedding vibe.

Whatever you do, just don’t put them in a way that will prevent your guests from seeing each other and therefore prevent them from having conversations.


There’s nothing like the natural look of greenery arrangements. They’re the best option for long tables. Leave them falling off the table for a dramatic look. If you want a green touch but you don’t want it all green, you can combine them with flowers and branches. You can even go tropical by putting some lush palm leaves in tall vases. These also go well with citrus trees and small green bushes.

greenery centerpiece


Candles are all about being romantic. If you want your wedding romantic, go for different kinds of candles and candle holders. They can be small and chunky or tall candelabras. Pair them with simple lanterns or bird cages to double the romance.

Colour Theme

There’s nothing more visually appealing than adding a pop of colour to a neutral colour wedding palette. You can use a single bold colour or mix and match. For example, you can complement the nudity of the cream and white linens with the pastel colours of hydrangea, adding pink, violet, and blue hues to the whole decor.

Seasonal Centrepiece

As a famous quote says, “To the attentive eye, every season has its own beauty.” So, why not use it when choosing a wedding table centrepiece decoration? If you have a spring wedding, cherry blossoms and all kinds of red fruits can take place on every wedding table. If you’re getting married in autumn, apples and pears are the way to go. Or, make it a local affair, taking fruit and vegetables, and even seasonal products that are specific to your place of living.

spring wedding centrepiece with pastel roses

How to Choose the Right Wedding Centrepiece for Your Wedding

It’s true that you want every detail of your wedding well decorated and organised but at what price? You only get married once, however, it shouldn’t exceed your budget or cause you any additional worries and troubles as it’s your big day and you should rejoice. How to manage all that?

Buying in bulk can be extremely helpful, especially if you have many reception tables decorated. And by buying reusable items, like manzanita trees, you get good value products that can live up to many future occasions. Choosing such decor for your tables ensures you and your guests make the best memories together.

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