The Suggested Cone Crushers

Sandvik is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of crushing equipment, including cone crushers. Sandvik offers a wide range of cone crusher models which are used all around the world. Every Sandvik cone crusher comes with advanced design and high capacity. The Sandvik cone crushers have a high-reduction efficiency and they are capable to create high-quality product shapes.


The Sandvik cone crushers come with many innovative features, such as new crushing chambers, automation option, hydraulically adjusted closed side settling and other useful features. Every cone crusher from Sandvik is easy to use, extremely efficient, incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of crushing applications. The CS and CH cone crusher series from Sandvik are the most flexible, since they can be equipped with different attachments and used in a wide range of fields. However, the most suitable applications for all Sandvik cone crushers are secondary and tertiary crushing.

The biggest advantage of the Sandvik cone crushers is their Constant Liner Performance (CLP) crushing chamber. The CLP crushing chamber comes with a high-power motor that enables the cone crusher to perform operations which are normally performed by the large crushers. The benefits of this crushing chamber are: increased output, increased cone crusher life, continual feed receiving and the best one – low total cost. The Sandvik cone crushers usually are equipped with an automatic setting system for improved overall performance. Also, this system automatically adapts the cone crusher to all kinds of feed variations.

The Sandvik cone crushers can be used in different industry fields. Also, every cone crusher can be modified depending on the required production. The Sandvik cone crushers are ideal for secondary crushing, and they enable the operators to cope with different production requirements.

Every Sandvik cone crusher is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Sandvik has paid a lot of attention to make the cone crushers to be easy to operate and maintain. All inspections and regular services are performed from above, making the entire work easier and more efficient. Its heavy-duty structure provides efficient protection against dust or other similar particles, reducing the maintenance requirements and increasing the life of the cone crusher.

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