Which are the Suggested Electric Skate Wheels for Your Board?

Electric skateboards are awesome, but they’re also scary. They weigh a ton. They have tons of torque and power under your feet. Trying to control them on flat ground is hard enough, but when you throw in some hills or even just slight inclines, that difficulty multiplies exponentially. This is where electric skateboard wheels come in.

These wheels are the unsung heroes of the electric skateboard revolution. They provide the grip and traction you need to make it up a hill without losing your balance and tipping over. There are many things to consider when buying them, but it is important to know the things that will impact your riding the most.

How Wheels Work

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Skateboarding is all about rolling over stuff with wheels, but there’s a lot of physics that goes into how wheels work. In addition to rubber and air, most skateboard wheels are made up of a urethane core — this is what pushes out to the sides when you skateboard. The harder you push out, the faster you go. The urethane is surrounded by a hard plastic rim that holds it all together. The softness or hardness of the core determines how much it pushes against the inside of the rim, which then determines how much friction there is between your board and the ground underneath it.

For Rolling Resistance, Softer Wheels Are Better

Rolling resistance is the biggest factor to consider when choosing your electric skateboard wheels, because it can have a huge impact on your range. The lower the rolling resistance, the higher your top speed and range will be.

The most common type of wheels used on electric skateboards are polyurethane (PU) wheels. These wheels are great in terms of durability and price, but they do have higher rolling resistance than some other wheel types. This means that polyurethane wheels are less efficient at converting your battery’s power into kinetic energy (motion), so they’ll drain your battery more quickly than softer wheels would. On the flip side, polyurethane wheels are much stronger than softer options like plastic or rubber. They’re also less expensive and last longer. When comparing polyurethane against soft plastic or rubber wheels, you’ll find that a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Some people love their polyurethane wheels because they feel more durable and roll faster; others prefer the softness of plastic because they don’t feel as rushed when riding.

For Grip While Turning, Harder Wheels Are Better

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Hard wheels are better for grip while turning and they wear less than soft wheels. Soft wheels are good for cruising but not so good for a hard turn. If you plan on doing some cruising on your electric skateboard then soft wheels will do the trick, but if you want to do some carving and hard turns then get hard wheels.

The hardness is measured on a scale of 1-100. The higher the number the harder the wheel. You can buy hard wheels of different sizes depending on your board, but it’s not recommended to go any softer than 78a unless you need to. Hardness is one thing, but size matters too! The bigger the wheel, the faster it goes and the smoother it rides. Smaller wheels are better for tricks because they’re lighter and faster, but they don’t go as fast as big ones either.

Features to Consider

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Traction and control are two of the most important factors to consider when selecting a wheel for electric boards. Abec 11 flywheels have a long-standing reputation for providing excellent traction in a variety of conditions, including packed snow or dusty surfaces. The Cadillac Wheels also have excellent traction and grip in all kinds of weather, making them a good choice for riders who want an all-terrain wheel.

The Cadillac Wheels are designed with a concave profile that gives them a more rounded shape than other wheels on the market. This gives riders a smoother ride and makes it harder for dirt, mud and water to build upon their surface. They’re also available in a range of sizes from 80 millimetres to 110 millimetres so you can find the perfect fit for your board.

The Orangatang Kegels were designed to be a great all-around wheel. They have a wider contact patch than other wheels, they are thin and very fast. This makes them ideal for freeriding and carving. The wide contact patch makes the Kegels slide very well too, but they can also handle the speeds of downhill riding. These wheels are 78a so they will grip and stick to most surfaces pretty well. The downside to these wheels is that because of their speed and width they aren’t particularly good in the roughest of terrain. The second downside is that because they’re so wide they don’t roll as well as thinner freeride wheels. All in all the Kegel is one of the best wheels out there for free ride and carving.

The hardness and durability of HB F-Series wheels provide you with smooth rides so you can enjoy your electric skateboard more. Also, the hardness of HB F-Series wheels is higher than most other brands. This helps keep the wheel from being easily dented when hitting rocks or cracks on the road. The wheels are also more durable, allowing you to have a smooth ride for longer periods of time. HB F-Series wheels are ideal for people who love skateboarding and spend hours riding every day.

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