The Suggested Japanese Antiques That Add An Instant Charm

Japan fascinates with its rich culture, history and amazing artwork. Westerners are one of their great fans since 1850s, when they started trading all kinds of Japanese antiques. Even today Japanese antiques count as one of the most collectible items on the market. People admire the delicately crafted silk kimonos, amazing scroll paintings, tea sets, dolls and many other Japanese antiques found on the market. If you want to bring some of the Japanese exotic culture into your home, then definitely buy fine Japanese antiques. You will love the aura these items emit.




Japanese Tea Cabinet – If you want to give your kitchen a sense of history, then select Japanese tea cabinet. Amazing piece of work that will make your kitchen look like it’s been there forever. These tea cabinets are usually made of zelkova wood and feature parquetry doors. The delicate, simple yet sophisticated design will perfectly any kitchen design – contemporary or traditional.

Japanese Vase – If you want to add an instant charm to your living room, then search for Japanese vase. A nice blue and white porcelain vase with grape leaf design is common for Japan and the floral and leaf motives used in that time. The elegant design fits any kind of interior design.

Japanese Teacups – The list of popular Japanese antiques is quite long. But we only listed few of the most wanted ones on the market. Of course, the list would not be complete with famous Japanese teacups. Usually featuring blue and white colours, these Japanese teacups are made of fragile material, so do not place them near an open flame.

Japanese Mirror Box – Do some drastic changes with your bedroom. Get an amazing Japanese mirror box to add an instant charm to your bedroom. This art deco style box is made of high quality material that will last with years. The three mirrors included can fold together for when you don’t use them.

Japanese Painting – If you want to accentuate any room with a Japanese motif, what a better way to do that than with breathtaking Japanese painting. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to Japanese paintings, they are right. The paintings usually portray the way Japanese warriors looked like in the Meiji period at the beginning of the 20th century.

Regardless of which and how many Japanese antiques pieces you buy, make sure you have them displayed in a way that will best compliment your home décor. Also, before you purchase anything, make sure the source is reliable and all items are genuine and not just expensive copies of original work.

Aiden Jones

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