The Suggested John Deere Reduced Tail-Swing Excavators

The Suggested John Deere Reduced Tail-Swing Excavators

John Deere is a well-known manufacturer of durable and powerful excavator machinery. Since its founding, the company always managed to stay competitive on the market with its high-quality and reliable products. The John Deere excavators are considered as some of the finest on the market, as they bring more benefits and advantages when compared with excavators from different manufacturers. From all John Deere excavators, the following two models stand for their powerful performance and excellent results on the job site.

The John Deere G-Series includes some of the most efficient excavators ever designed. Recently, John Deere included two new models in this series- the 75G and 85G. The John Deere 75G and 85G are classified in the reduced tail-swing category, and are most commonly used in congested areas for tough tasks. Both excavators come with many innovative features and offer many advantages, including enhanced operator comfort, greater productivity and increased visibility. Their reduced tail-swing design combined with their compact size makes them capable to rotate easily and freely within a small radius, which certainly increases their productivity in the most narrow spaces.

The John Deere 75G and 85G excavators feature a Final Tier 4 diesel engine which provides 53 horsepower. It is equipped with a diesel particulate filter, known for its automatic cleaning procedure. With two productivity modes, economy and power, the operators can choose their own excavating style for completing the task more efficiently. The economy mode reduces the noise and the engine speed, in order to save certain amount of fuel during the excavation tasks. The power mode, on the other hand, balances speed and fuel economy for typical excavation tasks.

Efficient, powerful and versatile, the John Deere reduced tail-swing excavators cannot be compared with any other excavators on the market. They can be equipped either with rubber tracks or with heavy-duty tracks, in order to efficiently operate on paved surfaces or any other rough terrain without causing damages. In terms of operator comfort, the 75G and 85G come with spacious and comfortable cabins, equipped with easy-to-use joysticks, LCD monitors and additional innovative controls. The LCD monitor gives the operators a lot of important information, including work mode, operating info, various diagnostic codes, maintenance intervals, damaged parts, cabin temperature, etc. The numerous mirrors provide the operators with an exceptional all-around visibility.

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