The Suggested Shoe That is Here to Stay: The Story of Converse

Converse has always been at the forefront of sneaker innovation. This is a fun and innovative brand, beloved by its customers for always being there for them whether they need a pair of shoes to get through a rock concert in comfort, or a pair of basketball shoes to sink threes on the court.

The Beginnings

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company, founded by Marquis Mills in 1908, specialises in producing rubber-soled shoes (galoshes) for men, women, and children. As early as 1910, Converse was turning out shoes on a daily basis, and by 1915, the company had shifted its attention to making sports footwear.

Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor joined Converse in 1921 after he told the sales office in Chicago that his feet hurt. In exchange for his help selling and promoting the new All-Star sneaker, which didn’t have his name on it at first, he got the company to make a line of shoes just for basketball.

The All Stars were so successful thanks to Chuck Taylor’s tireless promotion across the country that the shoe was eventually titled after him and his signature was added on either side of the emblem. Basketball players across the United States were all wearing Chuck Taylor’s All-Star model by the 1930s. After an absence of more than a decade, Converse wear returned to the basketball scene in 2019 with the release of their latest high-performance model, the All-Star Pro BB.

The latest innovation in basketball footwear is the result of decades of court experience combined with the latest technology breakthroughs in the industry. Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Star, which had previously dominated the basketball sneaker market for nearly 30 years, became a staple of the music industry in the 1980s and 1990s.

black and white converse shoes

Famous musicians such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Wiz Khalifa, the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, and the Ramones have all worn them. The Chuck Taylor All-Star was a symbol for a wide range of fashions and subcultures. A hundred years after their introduction, and several upgrades with the platform and wide width models, Chucks continue to be a popular shoe choice and you can get your own Converse wear today from the store or one of the many specialised retailers in Australia.

Skateboarders and Converse: A Cultural Movement

Low-top sneakers were a huge part of popular streetwear in the heyday of the ’70s. Converse’s One Star and CONS shoes, both of which were initially designed for basketball courts, have made the jump to the feet of skaters throughout the world.

Ever since its initial release in 1974, the One Star has become a staple at skateparks all over the globe. Its iconic reputation stems from its suede upper, rubber sole, and basic logo design. Magazines like Thrasher, which cater to the street and skate culture, were quick to pick up on the sneaker’s ‘Made in the Suede’ tagline.

Then in 1986, dropped the shoe that once again dominated the sneaker market: the CONS. In 2009, Converse launched the CONS skate programme, which has since been supported by Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez, and Zered Bassett, among many other legendary skateboarders. The crew took the One Star sneaker on a global tour, where they demonstrated and signed for skateboarders on every continent.

Converse Products and Social Acceptance

Converse stands for a wide variety of people and backgrounds. In 2017, Converse released a Pride collection with the slogan “Yes to Everyone” to communicate a message of inclusiveness and positivity.

The revenues from the sale of these rainbow-themed Chuck Taylors went to the It Gets Better Project and the Happy Hippie Foundation, two LGBTQ+ organisations that work to improve marginalized people’s lives. Converse is dedicated to inspiring youth movements for positive social change, and as part of that purpose, they plan to incorporate pride into their Social Impact Initiative.


Staple Converse Wear and How to Style It

1. Black and White Low Top Converse

This style of converse shoes is perhaps the one that everyone knows. The casual and cool shoe goes well with many outfits, but it looks best with your “off-duty” clothes. These sneakers give your style a little edge and look great with casual and streetwear outfits that are a little rough around the edges. Start with your favourite pair of loose or worn-in jeans to wear with black and white Converse. Then, don’t overthink the top half of your outfit. For a perfect, simple look, layer loose clothes like a T-shirt, chambray shirt, and bomber jacket.

2. Red High-Top Converse

Red high-top Converse is a bold alternative to black and white styles. The bright colour is eye-catching and will make people look at your feet. Keep your outfit in balance by wearing light or neutral colours. Blue and navy go well with red, and green is the colour that goes best with it. Just make sure the colours aren’t too bright so they don’t clash. When it comes to neutral colours, a soft brown is a great base tone for your outfit.

3. White High Top Converse

White Converse with a high top is a great classic look for men. For a modern weekend look, the sharp style looks best with casual jeans or simple chinos. As high tops end higher on the ankle, they can look strange with pants that have cuffs. Instead, leave your pants long and without cuffs for a look that is more relaxed and well-balanced.

Make sure to choose pants with a slim cut, though, because their shape will go better with the slim design of the shoes. Add a simple white shirt and a dark jacket to finish the look. You should maintain the cleanliness of your white sneakers but if you want to look stylishly messy, however, you can let your sneakers get a little dirty and worn.

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