Our Suggestions on How to Choose the Perfect Mattress for You

We all know that a good night’s sleep is extremely important for the body and mind. It helps us have a better day, makes us more productive and focused on the daily tasks. It also improves our learning and problem-solving abilities for the next day. And when we don’t get enough sleep, we end up feeling fatigued and irritated, and our moods and emotions change frequently. Sleep, or lack thereof, can also have a big impact on heart health, as well as weight and hormones.

That’s why having a nice and comfortable sleeping area is important. This greatly applies to your mattress. Choosing the right one can sometimes be a boring and overwhelming process, but it’s worth the time and effort. Everyone’s body is different, and we all need different types of mattresses. Starting from all kinds of materials, sizes, firmness levels and of course, your budget, you have hundreds of options to choose from.

What to Consider When Buying

A lot of people change their mattress every year or two, and that’s fine if you have the budget. But buying a mattress should be a long-term investment for at least 6-7 years.

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Decide on Your Budget

This is the first thing you should consider because there are so many options at the stores. If you start browsing for mattresses that are out of your budget, you might get disappointed you can’t afford them. They may offer something you need but can’t have, so first determine how much money you could spend on this item and go from there.

But don’t be intimidated, nowadays there are so many stores that have special offers and discounts that will let you have your dream mattress for an affordable price. There’s a range of quality cheap mattresses for sale as a nice option for when you’re on a tight budget.

Know Your Sleeping Position

Everyone sleeps differently, on the side, on the back, on the stomach, curled up, flat as a pancake, so many positions. Knowing what’s yours will determine how firm your mattress should be:

  • Back – memory foam mattress to fit your contours.
  • Side – medium soft mattress for equal distribution of pressure.
  • Stomach – medium to medium-firm to keep your spine in the correct position.

Consider Your Weight

An overall guideline for this factor would be:

  • Less than 70kg – a medium-firm bed that doesn’t sink much.
  • Between 70-90kg – medium-firm to medium-soft.
  • More than 90kg – firm mattress.

If you’re a hot sleeper, a cooling mattress will help you a lot. Some of the cooling features you should consider are built-in cooling technology, cool-to-the-touch material, breathable construction, and electric cooling. If you have any type of back pain consult with your doctor on what type of mattress you need. Besides changing or upgrading your mattress, there are other ways to improve your sleep, you just need the right ones that help you the most.

Types of Mattresses

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Now that you know what to consider when buying a mattress, and what your body specifications and needs are, let’s see what types of cheap mattresses for sale there are at the stores and what they offer with their design and level of comfort.


This is the most widely sold mattress around the world because of its affordability. It was first designed in the 1900s and is constructed of steel coils. These coils compress when you put your weight on them, and they can vary in size and number. These mattresses can wear out faster than the others and it’s possible to hear some squeaking when you move on the bed. There are five types of mattress coils:

  • Continuous coils – they have an S shape and use a single wire to construct the support system.
  • Bonnell – they are shaped like an hourglass and are most commonly used.
  • Offset – these springs are shaped as the Bonnell coils, but the top and bottom parts have flattened edges that suit your body shape better. They are durable, quiet, and sturdy.
  • Marshal and Pocketed – these coils are not connected and act as support separately. If the coil is thinner the mattress will be softer and vice versa.

Memory Foam

memory foam mattress in bedroom
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Memory foam was actually invented by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of the aircraft cushions but was never used for that purpose. Nowadays it’s used for cushions, mattresses, blankets, pillows, furniture and much more. Its manufacturing is inexpensive which makes it widely available and among the options of cheap mattresses for sale.

Besides the price, it’s also become popular much because it gives a warm and hugging feeling to the body. When you lie on it, it shapes around you and gives you full support on your arms, legs and back. And when you get up, it resumes the flat shape it had before. It’s allergen-free and resistant to dust mites, has motion isolation and gives you proper alignment of the spine.


Gel is made to offset the heat in the memory mattress. It’s best for people who are hot sleepers because it traps the heat and makes the mattress cooler. You’ll stay refreshed and cool during the night.


Latex is produced from the sap from rubber trees and it’s among the natural options when it comes to mattresses. There is also synthetic latex of course. Same as memory foam, it offers contouring and pressure relief but not with the same intensity. With latex, you’ll have more bounce and less heat. Dunlop latex is produced with a single pour of latex in the mould, and Talalay latex is poured into the mould and then the air is sucked out of it by vacuum. The last part is to freeze the material to stabilize its structure.


waterbed in bedroom
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Waterbeds were invented in Sweden by Dr Neill Arnott, a Scottish physician. They were created to ease the bedsores of patients. You can adjust these beds according to your needs and preferences. You can choose between a free-flowing or a restricted flow of water. Some of them even offer a different adjustment for both sides in case you and your partner disagree on the setting. But waterbeds are hard to move, heavy to carry and difficult to set up.


These beds have developed and modernized so much over the years. Now they look like regular beds instead of beds that belong in a hospital. They have many features that will accommodate your body and make you comfortable. They can recline, adjust, give you a massage to ease the pain in your back, legs or arms. Many people with bone and muscle problems buy these beds and won’t replace them with anything else.


Don’t mix this up with an air mattress you use as an additional bed when the kids have sleepovers. This type of cheap mattress is made of foam layers that make you feel comfortable and well-rested. You can even adjust some airbeds on both sides if you don’t have the same preferences as your partner.

In Summary

Choosing and buying a mattress shouldn’t be a rushed decision. Take your time to read some reviews, ask your friend for their experience, look for some expert advice and try out as much as possible. But the most important thing is to know and understand what you need in a mattress. If you make the right decision, you’ll enjoy many years of good night’s sleep.

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