The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Aprons

There is nothing quite like doing what you like while also being recognised and respected for it. Running your own business is a hustle big enough in itself, so making sure your workspace, office, and most importantly, your employees, are all on the same page isn’t the easiest task but you don’t let yourself miss the opportunity to give your customers a great first impression!

Speaking of doing what you like, exploring a new restaurant or cozying up in the local coffee shop are some of the simplest pleasures people indulge in. To share a thought from the point of view as a customer, the one thing I’m especially glad to experience when I enter a new business is to be greeted right away by an employee whom I can easily recognise that is available to assist me. As simple as that.

Luckily, there’s a way to have your employees recognisable and unified than to have them look presentable, ready for work, while also looking sharp and fashionable. Yes, I’m thinking about the colour and the material of their shirts, the design of their pants, the same brand of non-slip shoes, stylish yet efficient aprons, all of which play an important role in your customers’ first impression.

Different Aprons for Different Tasks

Now that you have your shirt, pants and shoes covered, the final layer of your employee’s professional but also hygienic presentation is their aesthetically pleasing cleaning aprons. In restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, there are multiple roles from the back of the house to the very front, therefore the job itself calls for a different outfit and a different apron.

4-Way Aprons


A kitchen’s chef classic – these aprons have 4 layers and are a clever choice for staff that need to use their apron multiple times before they’re able to change it or wash it. A 4-way apron makes a perfect match for chefs and the rest of the back of the house crew such as cooks and assistants.

Bib Aprons


Bib aprons cover your torso to the knee and usually have multiple pockets, making them versatile and practical. They are great to use for branding your business logos next to your employees’ names on their upper bodies. Recommended for waiters with a high-pace rotation of tables especially when they need to protect their upper bodies from food stains and liquid splatters. Additionally, their pockets hold the server’s pen, notebook, extra beverage straws, etc. Plus, bib aprons are super cute and fashion-approved for any of your coffee shop baristas.

Waist Aprons


Similar to bib aprons, waist cleaning aprons with pockets are mostly used by servers. The main difference is that these do not protect the upper part of the body, which can also work, depending on the uniform they are wearing. Waist aprons are seen in luxurious restaurants just as much as we see them in your local fast food joint. In the end, what decides for it is the nature of your business and the kind of material, colour, logo and other details you add to it.

Bistro Aprons


Bistro aprons are like waist aprons but with an extension. These are long aprons designed to provide more coverage for your pants. Additionally, most include pockets so your waitstaff can have more space for guest checks, pens and cleaning rags close at hand. Popular with front end staff such as hosts, hostesses and bussers because of their satisfactory protection for wait staff, while remaining professional when working with customers. The materials used for bistro aprons are usually cotton, muslin, denim and leather.

Dishwasher Aprons


These waterproof, heat and cut resistant aprons come in full-length designs that extend past the knees. This is particularly helpful for the dish room, as your staff is constantly exposed to hot water, sharp knives, burning leftovers from cooking oil, etc. Dishwasher aprons will help protect skin and clothing when exposed to heat, grease, and chemicals. Made of neoprene or vinyl materials, cleaning them is super easy and can be done by spraying them with soap and water or by wiping them with a rag.

Disposable Aprons


As their nickname suggests, disposable aprons are the cheapest kind of plastic aprons made for a single-use only. Suitable for the part of your team who are working with raw meat and fish, slicing deli, or bussing a table after a large party with many playful kids leaves. Disposable aprons are usually made of water-resistant polyethylene or polypropylene plastic.

Custom Apron Designs


If you happen to operate from the centre of the city and you’re in the ring with many other competitors, here is your chance to truly stand out. It’s no longer a secret that people are not so drawn by the food or the drinks themselves when they walk by a restaurant, as much as they are drawn by the atmosphere they feel, the mood, the energy, whatever you may call it. So, here is an extra encouragement to call a meeting with your staff and begin designing the apron which will give you that unique touch of recognisable aesthetics.

Memorable First Impression for Your Customers

Whether today is just another Monday morning as usual or you’re planning a big outdoor event to boost business promotion, your staff will be happy to know you’ve taken care of their good-looking outfits which make their jobs easier and more appealing. And in return, they will provide you with a good mood and smiles, which is a perfect way to welcome newcomers and attract returning customers to your business.

Explore your options and envision your team outfit-unified and surprise them with aprons of the best quality that you can provide them with. And as you already know, investing in your team is investing in your business. Happy shopping!

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.