The Suggested Aspects to Consider When Buying a Flashlight

Whether you’re at your home or out and about, a flashlight is a tool that’s always good to have at hand. This is so because it proves to be essential in numerous situations and applications, and you never know when having one would be of help. Yes, this is so even in the era of smartphone flashlights!

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Unlike years before when the models were rather bulky and heavy, thanks to the advancements in technology you can easily find a compact and lightweight flashlight to fit in your pocket or bag. Also, the vast variety available at specialised stores further simplifies a person’s quest for the ideal flashlight, considering there’s plenty to offer in terms of brands, like the versatile Thrunite flashlights for sale famous for the top-notch design in affordable prices, as well as features and modes.

What makes LED flashlights must-have?

The best flashlights to buy today are LED (light emitting diodes) undoubtedly because of the superiority they have over older options in the likes of those with incandescent and halogen bulbs for instance, given that LEDs don’t lose their power in emitting heat as they light up quickly.

This a property that makes this kind of flashlights very efficient and eco-friendly mostly because the light emitting diodes are long-lasting thus they’re cost efficient too.

This is even more certain when you take their durability from the resistance to breakages into account also, thanks to the sturdiness of both the bulbs and the flashlight structure with their drop-proof properties.

Additionally, the batteries are longer-lasting themselves, and this along with the fact you can save up on energy using a variety of modes for the different settings means you won’t even have to pack up extra batteries on a camping trip, more so if you opt for rechargeable ones in the first place.

Other than using them as light sources for various applications indoors and out, such flashlights could double as weapons in situations when you’re trying to avoid an attack; this especially comes in handy when you’re not allowed to carry a knife or gun for self-defence. Unlike older types, these flashlights would give you enough time to replace the batteries since they dim out gradually before they finally lose power.

thrunite led flashlight

How to choose the ideal flashlight?

When choosing from a wide range of brands and models, like the vast options of Thrunite flashlights for sale, it’s advisable to consider certain aspects that you most want in a flashlight, starting from the lumens. What is lumen?

Right when LEDs appeared, the simple watt measurement became insufficient considering the watt indicates the amount of energy the bulbs use, whereas the lumen indicates the brightness, i.e. the light output, thus the higher the number, the more brightness you get.

If you’re curious to know what is the brightest Led torch as of 2019, it’s Nitecore EA81 with 2150 lumens on 8AA batteries but you don’t have to go this mighty to get a powerful torch, having options like the mini Thrunite Ti3 or the high-end Thrunite Archer 2A V3 at your disposal. When shopping, many of us ask ourselves: What is the best lumens for flashlight? Well, it all comes down to what it would be used for, and we’ve gone far from the standard 100 lumens in 2005.

It’s good to know up to 100 you’d be able to use the flashlight for close-up tasks, some fixes or basic activities indoors and out your household, tactical tasks, camping and hiking, but if you want to cover longer distances than 100m then it’s best to get one that’s at least with 500 lumens. Best of all is it’s also suitable for various outdoor activities, whereas for search and rescue or hunting you’d need 1000 or more.

Beam intensity is another one to pay attention to as it shows the quantity and quality of the beam, having in mind the wider the beam the dimmer the brightness would be. Other features to check are waterproofing, run time, modes, weight, dimensions and accessories.

thrunite led flashlights

Why Thrunite?

You might have noticed I’ve mentioned the Thrunite flashlights for sale repeatedly, and this is so because I consider them to be the ideal when you’re looking for the powerful torches with high-end features without having to spend a fortune on them.

Not only do you get to choose from a range of compact and tactical options, they’re also made from quality materials like aluminium which guarantees long use, plus they have plenty of modes you can try out at home or outdoors, as well as some cool properties like intelligent temperature control, memory and low voltage light.

Where to buy Thrunite flashlights? To be sure on their quality, it’s best to look for reliable retailers Australia wide, something that can easily be checked even when shopping online by looking through the sites of the shops, how wide of a range of the brand they offer, and of course reading customer reviews.

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