The Suggested Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Tips for the Do-It-Yourselfers

hard floor cleaning

Keeping your floors clean is one of the most effective ways to ensure safety and sanitation while pleasing your customers and enhancing your establishment’s overall appearance. However, cleaning a commercial floor, especially if it is a kitchen floor, is not an easy task as it requires having all the right tools and cleaning products to get the job done properly. Check out our tips on how to get the job done better and faster.

Create a System

When it comes to commercial floor cleaning, it is very important to have a systematic procedure. This will help you save time as well as ensure that all areas of your establishment are tackled and properly cleaned.

The Right Tools and Cleaning Products

When choosing the right hard floor cleaning products, think about the type of your surface. Is it tile, ceramic, vinyl or concrete? Different types of floors require different types of products, although there are many multi-purpose hard floor cleaning products available on the market today that suit various types of floors.

The size of your cleaning area should determine the size of the tools you need. For that reason, buy a floor sweeper in accordance with the space that will need to be cleaned Also, consider the type of dirt and debris that typically end up on the floor. Oily or hard to remove dirt and grime will require a heavy duty-machine, such as a scrubber dryer, while light dust might only need vacuuming or sweeping.

Sweep the Floor Clean

Some people try to skip this step but they shouldn’t. When you wash a commercial floor that hasn’t been swept previously, soil will easily get stuck under counters, refrigerators, stoves, etc. which trust me, will only do more harm than good. And if you try to mop it, it will just spread the dirt.

Give Time for the Degrease Product to Work

Degrease products need some time (usually a few minutes) to emulsify grease, oils and soils in order to be effective. Be careful when using this kind of cleaning products because the floor will be very slippery once they start to work.

Using a mop and a bucket in the cleaning process and allowing the floor to air dry is a mistake you should avoid by all means. If during the cleaning process the mop and the bucket collect grease, soil and chemical residue, these will end up drying in the floor and will coat the floor and soak into grout lines, making the floor unsanitary and slippery. A more effective way to clean your commercial hard floor is to vacuum it first and remove all soil, moisture and residual cleaning chemicals. Once the floor has dried, check it for any remaining soil and make sure there are no slippery areas.

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