The Suggested Ethernet Cable

Ethernet Cable


Ethernet cable is used for data transmission between modem and computer and is available in various types. However, the most commonly used Ethernet cable is Cat5 which can be used to either line the wall of your office or transmit data in an electronics store. What’s important is to know what you need to ensure you buy the right Ethernet cable. For example, a little knowledge about every Ethernet cable (Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6) will give you the power to make the right choice. Aside from getting familiar with various Ethernet cables, you need to know few things about crossover and patch cables. Patch cables are specially designed for networking computers to hubs, cable modems to routers and computers to routers. Crossover cables are designed for networking two similar devices such as hub to hub or computer to computer.

Now that you know the difference between crossover and patch cables, it is best to get familiar with the most common Ethernet cable designed for household use mostly. Cat5 Ethernet cable can support up to 100 meters in data transferring without any problems in signal quality. For longer runs you should use Cat6 Ethernet cable. The usual Cat5 Ethernet cable is rated for indoor use, but you can buy Cat5 cables specially designed for outdoor use. This cable comes in a wide range of colors and can be purchased in bulk very easily.

The plugs at the end of the Cat5 Ethernet cable are called RJ45 and are used keep longer runs hidden. Cat5 Ethernet cable is more affordable than Cat6 and can support a Gigabit Ethernet service capabilities. Also, this Ethernet cable is more available than Cat6 cable and can be purchased in any store that sells network products, offline or online. The most important thing to know is that if you want to achieve Gigabit Ethernet networking, all components must be Gigabit comparable.

Also, there is one important factor to keep in mind when buying Cat5 Ethernet cable – cheaper is not always better. There are differently priced Cat5 cables available on the market. Remember, the lower the price tag, the lower the quality of the Cat5 Ethernet cable and your signal may suffer. Also, the RJ45 plugs can brake so the connection can wear of over time. For perfect performance regular checking is always recommended.

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