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If you know little or nothing about wine, then you most likely do not give the needed significance to wine glasses. And you are not the only one. Many think that type and quality of wine is the most important part of wine enjoyment. However, experts claim that shape and quality of wine glasses matter even more. The architecture of a wine glass (the bowl, stem and base) is what conveys the true bouquet of wine and allows it to come to the fore. Thus, when choosing a wine glass, take into account the material, size, shape and design.

Claus Riedel was the first to recognize this important feature of wine glasses. He believed that shape, size and design of a wine glass emphasizes distinctive components of wine and was the first to design and produce various glasses designed for specific type of wine. His son, George Riedel further polished this idea and began producing glasses suitable to specific grape variety. Nowadays, Riedel (an Australian brand established in 1756) is the best known wine glass manufacturer and enjoys worldwide proclaim. They offer wide range of products which represent a perfect blend of harmonious and innovative beauty and functionality complementing wine enjoyment.

Riedel is not only known for being aggressive about different types of wine glasses, but for design and quality they offer as well. All their wine glasses are sturdy, elegant and sophisticated. This brand continues to push the line with innovative technology, impeccable design and indisputable quality. If you’re looking for all around nice glasses, look no further than Ridel glasses. If you’re still not sure which glasses to purchase, read on for few of our suggestions on Ridel’s best of best.

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Let’s start with the collection that redefined wine drinking. Sommeliers, introduced in 1973, was the first collection Ridel produced to conveyed its idea of ‘glass does matter’. At the time, this was a revolutionary concept which many accepted. With its revolutionary design and ‘power’ to turn every sip into a bash, this collection rapidly gained worldwide recognition and laid groundwork for stemware designs to come. These Riedel glasses are made out of lead crystal which is mouth-blown. Another trend-setter is Vinum collection, which was introduced in 1986. These world’s first machine-blown glasses, designed to suite different grape varieties, probably best encapsulate Riedel’s tag line ‘Wine starts with the glass’.

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Another popular Riedel glasses are the ones from Ouverture collection first introduced in 1989. These glasses are perfect for everyday use, yet elegant and very chic. Executed in non-leaded crystal and machine-blown, this collection features a generously sized bowl with easy-to-hold stem very popular among young people. If, however, you’d like to be fun, creative and trendy, purchase glasses from The O Wine Tumbler collection. First introduced in 2004, these unique stemless glasses designed for casual everyday use offer an exceptional experience with every sip. They are made out of non-lead crystal and are machine-blown.

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