The Suggested Shelve Storage Solutions for Your Home & Office

Shelves are mainly used to provide functionality and storage for interior spaces. However, it’s also about creating an aesthetically pleasing effect. In order to achieve all that, here are some simple tips and ideas to begin with.


Materials & Design

Make sure you choose high-quality and durable shelves, made from the following materials.

Oak – It is the most sought-after wood for furniture, used for centuries throughout Europe and America. It offers a very attractive figure, strength and moisture-resistance and it can be found in white and red. Oak adds a natural look to shelves and consequently a timeless look to the entire room.

Teak – This is a tropical timber native to Burma, Bangladesh and Thailand. It has a golden-brown colour and it feels slightly waxy to the touch. Teak withstands sun and rain and is a long-lasting material.

Walnut – This is high-quality hardwood, with attractive brown colour, used for furniture making and feature walls. With its beautiful grains, this type of wood can give a unique look to every room.

Beech – This is a white pale to brown timber, native to Scandinavian countries, used for many different purposes, such as firewood, furniture or flooring. It’s good quality and long-lasting material for shelves.

MDF – MDF stands for medium density fiberboard, a sheet product made up of reprocessed paper waste. It works fine for shelves, especially for ones used for closets.

Metal – Powder coated metal is a strong, long-lasting and heat resistant material. Shelves made of this material can be used in any area of the home as they retain their original colour and successfully resist scratches and any kind of abrasion.


Shelve Storage Solutions

Whether you’re looking to add storage to your living area or to free up some space in your home office, there is a variety of shelves to choose from. Wall shelves, bookshelves or ladders can make great living room or office shelves – vertical, horizontal or rectangular, in different colours and sizes. Depending on personal preference, you can opt for a retro shelf unit, vintage console or contemporary design wooden cabinet with metal legs and enrich the interior design of your home.

Living Room

Shelves in the living room are the easiest and most efficient way to unclutter the space by managing the items in a neat display on wall shelves or use open shelving units. As this area of the home requires a doze of cosiness, you can always add treasured objects and family photos that will bring a warm and relaxed feeling to the overall atmosphere.

There are no strict rules on styling shelves, however you can try filling one-third of the shelves with items that take up your living room space, like board games or boxes, then one third with personal objects, and leave one-third of empty space. That way every object will have its own spot and the shelves will look balanced and well organised. Additionally, you can install a bookshelf and infuse the room old-charm your guests will love and admire. Feel free to arrange the books both horizontally and vertically.

NOTE: A shelf installed above a sofa can make a beautiful change to your living space.



When installing shelves in your home office space, the main point to consider is whether you will be using them for displaying decorative objects or for storing office tools and papers. If you need shelving for decorative purposes, then a retro shelving unit is your best choice. But if the shelves are to be used for documents and office equipment, you can opt for a narrow top unit or a storage cabinet where you can place everything within reach. For better organization of the files, you can label boxes and folders and arrange the shelves in order of need. Make sure your office shelves are deep enough and high enough to fit it all perfectly.


Similar to the living room, you can use shelving units in your bedroom to arrange a library with your favourite books, as well as to place treasured objects and family photos, kids’ painting and other valuable items. Some modern designs feature a standing mirror shelf which makes for an interesting, chic element with a classic look. One of the easiest ways to successful shelving is to keep everything neutral and stick to several compatible colours that can bring the whole room together.

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