The Suggested Trimble GPS Option To Bobcat Grader Attachment

Bobcat is well-known manufacturer of high-quality skid steer loaders and attachments. From the wide range of loader attachments, the grader attachments has been extremely popular, and it is known as a tool that provides complete control, high accuracy and productivity. This attachment allows the operators to complete the most demanding grading jobs with high accuracy. Recently, Bobcat improved its highly efficient grader attachment by adding a Trimble GPS option for increased control. With the addition of the Trimble GCS900 GPS, the grader attachment from Bobcat has become a tool capable to accurately grade on different job sites.


With the suggested Trimble GPS option, the grader attachments from Bobcat provide less staking and minimize the rework. Instead of using expensive heavy-duty grader or heavy-duty dozer, you can rely on the Bobcat grader attachment that is equipped with a Trimble GCS900 GPS.

The on-board control box of Trimble’s GPS determines the position of each tip of the blade. The estimated data drives the valves for automatic blade control, and a LED display is provided for a clear view and guidance of the operation. If fill is needed, the GPS will inform you by turning the lights on. But for efficient operation, the loaders need to be equipped with a deluxe instrument panel. Furthermore, the GPS device features a control box in the cabin.

Either with a 6 or 8-way hydraulically controlled moldboard, the Bobcat grader attachment is designed to meet various operators’ needs. What makes this attachment to stand-out is the maneuverability of the blade. The blade can be moved left or right for about 33 cm, allowing you to grade close to walls. With three speeds for raising and lowering the moldboard, the Bobcat grader attachment is one of the most efficient loader attachments you can find on the market.

A loader with a GPS grader attachment will allow you to perform jobs more efficiently than using a heavy-duty grader or dozer for works in narrow spaces. Therefore, equip your loader with a Trimble GPS grader attachment and achieve better grading results.

Aiden Jones

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